Mohamed Mounir leaves Cairo to celebrate 3 concerts in Frankfurt
Mohamed Mounir left Cairo on Sunday for Frankfurt to perform three concerts in Germany this week after his last concert in Tunisia at the International Hammamet Festival, during which he achieved great success and filled Hammamet Theater.

He completed his flight on Egypt's Flight 785 to Frankfurt, where he received a large reception and welcome from the first class passengers and staff, who were keen to shake hands and take pictures with him.

The three concerts in which will be sung in Germany are expected to be played by the German singer Adil Tawil who participated in the song "One World", one of Munir's closest friends recently. Al-King will also present a special program that includes human songs dealing with human issues Everywhere and right that most of the songs of Mounir's latest album bear this humanitarian formula.

The video clip of King Mohammed Munir, "One World," deals with the issue of refugees, an issue of concern to the whole world, and the keenness of the song to be in 3 languages ​​to reach the largest audience around the world, the song nominated for the Grammy Award.

Angela Merkel after winning the German election: able to take responsibility
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has won German parliamentary elections for the fourth time in a row, said: "We can take responsibility and we have to work on a wise policy."

Merkel said during a speech after winning the post of German chancellor that the last months have seen a struggle for Germany, and a plan should be drawn up for this approach to continue in the coming years to develop the economy and make Germany a social state, stay in the European Union, "Internal security is important as it is important that people live freely."

Mohamed Morsi's trial in the case of "breaking into the eastern border" is postponed until October 2
The Criminal Court of Cairo, which was held at the Institute of Police Secretaries, headed by Counselor Mohamed Sherine Fahmy, decided on Sunday to postpone the retrial of the isolated President Mohammed Morsi and 27 others in the case known as the break-in of the eastern border.

The session was held under the chairmanship of Advisor Mohamed Sherine Fahmy, and the membership of the advisors Essam Abu Ela and Hassan Al-Sayes, and Secretariat Hamdi Al-Shennawi and Osama Shaker.

It is noteworthy that the defendants in this case are the isolated President Mohamed Morsi and 27 leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the members of the international organization and elements of the Palestinian Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah, headed by Rashad Bayoumi, Mahmoud Ezzat, Mohammed Saad Katatni, Saad Husseini, Mohamed Badee Abdul Majid, Mohamed Beltagy and Safwat Hijazi and Issam al-Din Al-Aryan And Yusuf al-Qaradawi and others.

The re-trial of the defendants came after the Court of Cassation in November overturned the sentences issued by the Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Shaaban Al-Shamy, "the execution of Mohammed Morsi, Mohamed Badi, the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, his deputy Rashad Al-Bayoumi, The disbanded People's Assembly and the Brotherhood leaders Essam El-Erian, and to punish 20 others accused of life imprisonment, "and decided to re-trial them.

The facts of the case date back to 2011 during the January revolution, against the backdrop of the storming of the Wadi al-Natroun prison and the assault on the security installations. The prosecution assigned the accused in the case "an agreement with the political bureau of Hamas, the leaders of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, The Egyptian state and its institutions, and training of armed elements by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to commit acts of hostility and military inside the country, and hit and break into Egyptian prisons. "

Valencia vs Real Sociedad Live online stream Today 24 September 2017 Spanish league
Valencia and Real Sociedad meet in Valencia on Sunday (September 24, 2017) on Sunday, 24 September 2017, at the Anueta Stadium in the Basque Country in the sixth week of the Spanish league 2017-2018.

Valencia and Real Sociedad in Spanish league:
Valencia 9 points
Real Sociedad 9 points
Valencia's journey in the Liga so far: -
Valencia 1-0 Las Palmas
Real Madrid 2-2 Valencia
Valencia 0-0 Atletico Madrid
Levante 1-1 Valencia
Valencia 5-0 Malaga

The Valencia team enters the match under the leadership of Marcelino Garcia Torral determined to continue to achieve positive results, in order to continue to top the order of the Spanish Liga.

The start of the bats season at the start of the season has left fans eager to have their place in the UEFA Champions League next season, and back again to recover their lost glory years ago.

On the other hand Real Sociedad hope to be able to return to the track of winning, after losing the last two rounds of life of the Liga by both Real Madrid and Levante team, the Basque team was the start of the season is very ideal after He scored 3 consecutive victories in the Liga.

Link 1 : English Commentator

Manchester United vs Southampton Live online stream Today 23 September 2017 English Premier League
Match Southampton and Manchester United on Saturday 23-9-2017 in the English Premier League

Southampton and Manchester United, the start of the sixth round of the English Premier League, and a strong match where Manchester United will face Southampton Club.

The level of Southampton is good, but this will not do anything to the Red Devils. They are doing very well this season. They have not suffered any loss this season in all competitions except the European Super Cup, the first game of the season. They lost 2-1 against Real Madrid.

 The match is likely to go to Manchester United but the match will be played at Southampton Stadium, which may give them the time and moral momentum to take a little bite of United's bites.

Southampton and Manchester United before the game

Manchester United entered the game determined to win no doubt that he now divided the lead with Man City after equal both in points with 13 points as a result of victory in four games and a draw in one and did not receive any defeat, Manchester United won their final match in the English Cup against Club Burton Albion 4: 1, so likely, that the Red devils offers a wonderful and very enjoyable game and will be able to win easily.


Southampton are now in 10th place in the standings with 8 points after winning two matches, drawing in a tie and losing one match - is this their second loss?

The match between Southampton and Manchester United and its channels
Southampton - Manchester United
4 pm Egypt
5 pm Mecca
7pm UAE.
Sport Klub 1 Serbia
SuperSport Maximo 1
Movistar + Futbol
Cosmote Sport 1 HD
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