YouTube : Cocoricó - Novas Aventuras na Fazenda-DVD INFANTIL
Cocoricó - Novas Aventuras na Fazenda
Cocoricó | Novas Aventuras na Fazenda | DVD INFANTIL
The adventures begin when Uncle Eustace grandmother's brother, decides to spend the holidays on the farm. Everyone is excited about his coming, but the grandfather can not say the same. After a day of many jokes on the farm, Babs will torment the whole class with his fear of the dark when the night comes. In another episode, Julius account that the teacher asks each student to take care of a living being. Now, the whole class wants the barn caring for someone. Julius takes care of a flower, a kitten Babs and innocent Alipio will take care of a stone. Contains episodes - Night; Living Beings; smell; Book. Extra - The Adventures of Uncle Eustace; Clip - 1,001 Nights.

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