The beach tourism and leisure tourismCharacterized by Egypt in the atmosphere of a mild summer and winter, in which a visitor spend interesting times in the summer in beaches, extending for a distance of 1181 kilometers along the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea from Salloum to Rafah, and Suez in the east to the far borders the south-eastern Red Sea length up to 1085 km. 

Abound in this region is particularly beautiful coral reefs and marine organisms colorful and diverse.

In the north lies Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean Sea, northwest of Delta, 230 kilometers from Cairo road agricultural and 225 miles along the desert road, and enjoy the Alexandria, a large number of sandy beaches, charming, including a beach, "the world" and "Park" and "Mandara" and "Miami" and "Sidi Bishr" and "Cleopatra", all located along the Corniche, while west of the city embraced the beach, "Ajami" The east coast of "Abu Qir," as well as had been left untouched city of gardens and parks, great.

There is a beach "table," a soft white sand and clear water is quiet. And protect this beach a series of rocks stretching along the coast. Matrouh beach and just about 290 kilometers west of Alexandria, about 524 kilometers from Cairo.

At a distance of 212 miles from Cairo there is a beach, "Nile Delta", characterized by a calm and healthy atmosphere dry, because of some sand dunes, which absorbs moisture, and is available in this resort the various services needed by tourists, the beginning of electricity and the end of the health services and leisure, as well as distinguish moderate prices . The Port is the main sea routes the task of East and West, have increased the importance of this city, located 220 kilometers from Cairo, after its transformation into a free zone.

The trip to the area of "beautiful" at a distance of 12 kilometers west of Port Said, of the joys that attracts many to this area, where you can practice sport fishing, sunset cruise or fun in the port, watching the convoys of vessels transiting the Suez Canal. And on the eastern shore of the canal lies the suburb of "Port Fouad," a quiet modern city planning, and lush parks, chalets, tourist villages, is also available, where restaurants, hotels and clubs. In addition, Port Said is famous for its markets business which hosts visitors from Egypt and abroad.

The beach tourism and leisure tourism one of the main types of tourism activities that are found in Egypt, which Aaada attract lots of tourists from around the world

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