Sevilla vs Barcelona Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018
Sevilla vs Barcelona Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018 , The case when you should drop all your business and join the screens. Tonight in Madrid will be very hot!

Barcelona - Seville
Saturday, 22:30, Madrid, Wanda Metropolitano.

Incredibly the most important match for both teams. But in the finals and there is no other way. Barcelona is a step away from winning in the Example, but at the same time, the club flew out of the Champions League in disgrace. Only a victory in the Copa Del Rey will say "blue garnet" that they had a successful season, while defeat could raise a serious question regarding the expediency of continuing cooperation with the head coach Ernesto Valverde and his staff.

With Sevilla, the situation is even more complicated. That's how you tell the leadership of the "Nerviots" to evaluate the work of Vincenzo Montella? On the one hand, the team under his leadership sensationally knocked out of the Champions League Manchester United, and then quite equably battled with Bayern for reaching the semi-finals, but lost because of the stupid goals missed in the home match. In addition to this, Montella led the team to the final of the National Cup, and behind the side of the tournament Sevillians left Atletico. At the same time, Sevilla beat "mattress" at home and away.

What, then, on the other hand? Here, shameful games in the championship and the risk of completely staying without the League of Europe. The level club of Seville can not afford to remain without European tournaments, and Montella perfectly understands that if he does not manage to lead the team to Europe, he can lose his job. And today he will have a wonderful chance. The management of the club will close its eyes to all the setbacks if this night the team rises to the pedestal.

However, it will be incredibly difficult to do this. Barcelona this season has never lost in domestic tournaments and will struggle to win the trophy. True, it was Sevilla who was the closest team to interrupt the incredible move of "blaugranas". In the match of the 30th round, Sevilla overplayed Barcelona in all its aspects, but could not close the game in the second half, and was punished at the end of the match. Two missed goals in two minutes led to the fact that Barcelona was able to leave Andalusia undefeated. Then Montella was able to easily beat Valverde, but he could not beat Barcelona. And after a few rounds Catalans and did set a record for the number of matches without defeats.

What will be today? Will the match scenario be similar to that of Ramon Sánchez Pizjuán? Will Sevilla also play aggressively in the attack? In no case. The price of error in the finals is high, so the Montellas players will not risk. At least not from the very beginning of the fight. Which model will Barcelona choose? Here you should not wait for surprises. Valverde could not surprise us for the entire season and there is no reason to believe that this will change today. Barcelona will not rush forward, but will traditionally try to lull the rival with its pragmatism and catch it on error. The situation can change only if Sevilla succeeds in scoring an early goal. In this case, the "blue-pomegranate" will have to be reorganized and proceed to plan B.

No matter how trite it is now, it will be very much dependent on the game of Lionel Messi. This season, Barcelona depends on the Argentine like never before, so if Leo shows his best football, Sevilla will not have a chance. If, for some reason, the leader of the entire match is in the shadows, then everything is possible. Barcelona is now far from sinless and in each of the last matches, the opponent "blaugranas" had at least two or three hundred percent points. The question is whether the Andalusians will be able to implement them.

Sevilla vs Barcelona 0:5

Manchester United vs Tottenham Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018
Manchester United vs Tottenham Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018 , The FA Cup is the last chance for both Manchester United and for Tottenham to win something this season. To both clubs this trophy is simply necessary, therefore in this duel a very persistent and interesting confrontation awaits us.

Manchester United

The results of "Manchester United" in recent years are very mixed. "Red Devils" defeated "Liverpool", managed to make a stunning comeback in a duel with the "Manchester City", and in general, naturally won the second place in the standings from the encroachments of other clubs. However, at the same time, Manchester United managed to fly from the "Seville" in the Champions League and lose at the "Old Trafford" last "West Brom".

To the semi-final match of the FA Cup team Jose Mourinho fits with four victories in the last five fights. To beat the "red devils", except for "Manchester City" - 3: 1, managed to "Brighton" - 2: 0, "Swansea" - 2: 0 and "Bournemouth" - 2: 0. We lost the same mankunians just the aforementioned "West Brom" - 0: 1.

In the FA Cup the way for Manchester United was easy, and the Mourinho team still did not miss a single goal in this tournament. On the road to the semifinals, the Red Devils beat Derby 2-0, Yeovil 4-0, Huddersfield 2-0 and Brighton 2-0.

Tottenham Hotspur

"Tottenham" in recent years has gradually reduced defense. After the departure from the Champions League, the "spurs" won four consecutive matches, including, having beaten away "Chelsea" - 3: 1. But in the last two matches Mauricio Pochettino's wards scored only one point. Although both results of "Tottenham" can be justified. With "Manchester City" this season only Liverpool and Manchester United could play, and the spurs lost to Team Guardiola 1: 3. And this week, "Tottenham" also lost points in the guest meeting with "Brighton", playing with the "seagulls" in a draw - 1: 1.

The defeat of "Manchester City" was for the team Pochettino second at Wembley in all tournaments. Although before that, "Tottenham" in his temporary home stadium did not lose fifteen fights in a row.

The way in the FA Cup in the "spurs" was even easier than that of Manchester United. Of the representatives of the Premier League on the way to the semifinals, the London club met only "Swansea" - 3: 0.

Manchester United vs Tottenham 2:1

SPAL vs Roma Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018
SPAL vs Roma Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018 , SPAL gives a very solid win-win series in the championship, but this does not allow them to break away from the relegation zone.


SPAL continues to amaze the Italian football community, and not only. A modest team led by not too experienced Leonardo Semplich fiercely resists departure. Now the win-win series SPAL has already eight matches, but the team can not win six games. Spal won his last victory in early March against Bologna, but has not lost since February. The distance to the 18th Crotone is calculated with one point, which is not a significant advantage. SPAL uniquely will cling to draws, to risk and run after victories the team will start only if it fails in the relegation zone.


"Roma" departed a little from the triumph in the Champions League and started winning in Serie A. In the last round, the team Eusebio Di Francesco beat 2-1 Genoa in his field, and this victory left Roma on the third line in the table. Now the "wolves" in the asset has 64 points, the same points for the fourth "Lazio", one less for Milan's "Inter". The high density will not allow "Roma" to relax at the finish of the tournament, because there are still high chances to fly out of the Champions League zone, which will be very unpleasant for the team whose chances of qualification have not been doubted.

SPAL vs Roma 0:3

Eibar vs Getafe Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018
Eibar vs Getafe Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018 , Two consecutive victories allowed "Getafe" again to be among the number of applicants for getting into European competition. From the sixth "Villarreal" "dark blue" is now behind by six points, and the seventh "Seville" from the team Pepe Bordalas at a distance of only three points.


"Eibar" to some extent, too, could be considered a contender for the seventh line of the championship, but the Basque club only recently interrupted a long, no-lose series. "Weaponsmiths" could not win six games in a row, squandering glasses even in duels with outsiders. With "Deportivo", "Eibar" played 1: 1, and "Levante" lost 1: 2. But in the extreme duel Mendilabar's wards still managed to achieve victory. Basques won on the road uneasy "Espanyol" - 1: 0.


Getafe has a somewhat similar story with Eibar. Losing "Real" 1: 3, the team Bordalas somehow completely slipped, and in the next four matches, I got only one victory. "Dark Blue" lost to "Levante" - 0: 1, "Betis" - 0: 1 and "Alaves" - 0: 2, having managed to overcome only Real Sociedad - 2: 1. But in the previous two matches of Getafe, his fans were pleasantly surprised. First wards Pepe Bordalas minimally beat home the "Espanyol" - 1: 0, and then "Getafe" in general won away "Valencia" - 2: 1, which in the previous ten meetings lost only to "Barça".

Live Streaming

Liverpool vs West Brom Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018 Premier League
Liverpool vs West Brom Live Streaming online Today 21.04.2018 Premier League, The outsider of the championship has regained the hope of maintaining a propiska in the Premier League. "West Brom", who became the author of the sensation in the last round, will make every effort to consolidate its success. "Liverpool", most likely, will focus on preparing for the European Cup match. To assess the balance of forces before the match will help our forecast.

West Bromwich

The management of the club can only regret that it did not say goodbye to Alan Pardew earlier. Replaced him Darren Moore perfectly debuted on the coaching bridge of the "bags". Under his leadership, the team was able to interrupt a series of nine defeats. If the draw of the home match with "Swansea" (1: 1) can hardly be called sensational, then the result of the meeting with Manchester United (1: 0) was little expected. We must admit that the "thrushes" have deservedly achieved success.

In the upcoming fight on the field there will be no supporting midfielder Gareth Barry. The risk is not played by centerback Johnny Evans and left winger Hal Robson-Kahn.


In a fine style, the "Merseyside" got to grips with one of the main contenders for the triumph in the Champions League. The chances of the team to win the European Cup trophy have grown significantly. Not all tasks, "Liverpool" has decided in the domestic championship. It is unlikely that the "red" will leave the limits of the leading four, but the place on the podium is not guaranteed to them at all. Quite "Liverpool" can sacrifice the upcoming meeting. Yet the priority for the wards Jurgen Klopp will be a confrontation with the "Roma".

Problems in the "Merseyside" may arise in the defensive line. Deyan Lovren and Joel Matip will not appear in the center of defense. The risk of missing the match is centerback Joseph Gomez and right lateral Nathaniel Kline.

Liverpool vs West Brom 2:2

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