England vs Colombia Live Streaming online Today 3.07.2018 World Cup Russia 2018
England vs Colombia Live Streaming online Today 3.07.2018 World Cup Russia 2018 , Watch the match between England and Colombia live broadcast England vs Colombialive broadcast, in the meeting, which will gather the teams today, Tuesday, at four o'clock in Cairo and the fifth time in Mecca, in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Russia 2018 .

England face a tough test when they face Colombia at 8 pm on Tuesday at Atkrit Arena in the Round of 16 at the World Cup in Russia.

England moved into the 16th round of the World Cup after finishing second in the Group G table with 6 points from two wins over Tunisia and Panama before losing to Belgium, while Colombia qualified for the second round after leading the Group 8 table with 6 points. From two wins over Poland and Senegal while losing to Japan.

England are looking to win today's game and book their qualification for the quarter-finals of the tournament and cut a new step towards achieving the dream of reaching the final on July 15. The English team's road to the World Cup final is full of roses. Many of the major teams have been left out early.

Colombia play against England in the knockout stage of the World Cup on Tuesday in Moscow.

* Location: Spartak Stadium in Moscow.

* Capacity: 45 thousand spectators.

* Deadline: Tuesday, July 3 at 2100 local time (1800 GMT)

* Key facts:

- Colombia's last game against a European team at the World Cup ended with a 3-0 victory over Poland in the current tournament and Greece four years ago.

- All 23 England players play in English clubs. Colombia has only three players in the local league in its squad.

- England have won no knockout matches in any major tournament since a 1-0 victory over Ecuador, Colombia's neighbors, at the 2006 World Cup.

- Colombia coach Jose Pekerman has been appointed to 45 different players in 18 qualifiers.

- Beckerman is training for the third time and reached the quarter-finals on his last two occasions with Argentina in 2006 and Colombia in 2014.

- Radmal Falcao, Colombia's top scorer with 30 goals at the World Cup for the first time at the age of 32 years and scored his first goal in the finals against Poland.

* Previous confrontations:

- The two teams met five times and England won three in a tie twice. There was one official confrontation between them at the 1998 World Cup when England won 2-0.

- The last meeting between them was settled by England winning 3-2 in 2005.

England vs Colombia 4:3

Brazil vs Mexico Live Streaming online Today 2.07.2018 World Cup Russia 2018
Brazil vs Mexico Live Streaming online Today 2.07.2018 World Cup Russia 2018  , The match will be played at 4:00 pm EST and 5 PM Mecca. The match between Brazil and Mexico is scheduled to be broadcast via live and direct transmission on the network of the encrypted "BN Sports Max 1 and 2" channels, by Hafeez Darragi, Turkish TRT 1.

Brazil are looking for a win and a new step towards the World Cup for the sixth time in their history, amid pressure from the control of their players after he became the favorite to win the title in light of the exit of defending champions Germany and Argentina alongside Spain and Portugal champion of the final version of the Cup The European Union, which was held two years ago in France.

In contrast, Mexico are seeking to break the gauntlet in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, where the Mexican team has stopped in the last 16 in the last 6 World Cup, specifically between 1994 and 2014.

The formation of Brazil is as follows: "Allison, Wagner, Tiago, Miranda, Luis, Casimiro, Paulinho, Coutinho, Willian, Neymar, and Jesus."

While the formation of Mexico in: "Ochoa, Alvarez, Ayala, Salcedo, Gallardo, Marquez, Villa, Herrera, Juradao, Luzano and Cicharito."

BN Sports has not yet announced its intention to transfer the game on the open channel bein sports HD, as it has promised to transfer 22 games via its free channel on Nilesat, and some group games have already been transferred, while not broadcasting any match from the role The 16 so far.

Brazil vs Mexico 2:0

Portugal vs Uruguay Live Streaming online Today 30.06.2018 World Cup Russia 2018
Portugal vs Uruguay Live Streaming online Today 30.06.2018 World Cup Russia 2018 , Portugal and Uruguay live, face the Giants in the second match of the first day of the matches of the round of 16 of the World Cup Russia 2018, where the hero of the first group, the Uruguay team against the second group second, Portugal at the start of the knockout phase of the World Cup knockout, The Portuguese team was able to qualify for the second group, which was very strong, which included Spain, Morocco and Iran, the match between Uruguay and the Portugal team at the stadium Visht Olympiad in Russia.

Portugal's team led by Ronaldo qualified for the 16th round after finishing five points in second place in the group standings. Portugal were tied to Iran in the last round and Portugal had a chance to win over Iran and qualify for the center after Morocco tied with Spain, Portugal Under the leadership of coach Fernando Santos, a candidate for the title of the World Cup, especially as Portugal is the champion of the European Nations Cup two years ago, Portugal depends on the player Cristiano Ronaldo, the player of Real Madrid, which has the largest role in qualifying Portugal to the role of sixteenth after scoring Four out of five goals Portugal scored in the group stage.

The Uruguay team, led by coach Oscar Tabarez, was lucky and signed in the first group is the easiest groups, which included Egypt and Saudi Arabia and won on the kidneys and harvested six points and within the early qualification and won the last round on Russia, the country organizing the tournament and qualified from the first place with the least effort, However, the Uruguayans have not advanced the convincing level in the group stage but hope to qualify for the quarter-finals at the expense of Portugal, and the Uruguay team has two big stars, Luis Suarez of Barcelona and Edison Cavani of Paris Saint-Germain French For Uruguay, they want to win over Portugal to qualify for the quarter-finals and break the knot in Uruguay out of the quarter-finals of each copy and continue the golden box.

Portugal vs Uruguay 1:2

France vs Argentina Live Streaming online Today 30.06.2018 World Cup Russia 2018
France vs Argentina Live Streaming online Today 30.06.2018 World Cup Russia 2018 , France will play Argentina at Kazan Arena today in the opening round of the 16th round of the World Cup in Russia, which will end on July 15.

The match between France and Argentina will start at 4 pm Cairo time, 5 pm Moscow time and Mecca, and will be broadcast live via the network of "BN Sport Max 1 and 2" encrypted sports channels.

France climbed to the last 16 in the World Cup after finishing third in Group D with 7 points, while Argentina and Sifa finished fourth in Group D with 4 points.

France made modest performances during the three games against Australia, Peru and Denmark in Group Three, prompting the Duke fans to whistle at the players in Denmark's final game due to continued modest performance.

Argentina managed to regain the confidence of their fans after the strong show and the 2-0 win over Nigeria in the third and last round of the group stage after a modest start against Iceland and Croatia.

On the other hand, the Argentine team is starring Lionel Messi, who succeeded in ending the state of fasting by scoring the first goals in the 2018 World Cup against Nigeria, which is expected to be closely monitored by French duo Nigolo Canti and Paul Bugba to prevent the ball from reaching him.

France vs Argentina 4:3

Mexico vs Sweden Live Streaming online Today 27.06.2018 World Cup Russia 2018
Mexico vs Sweden Live Streaming online Today 27.06.2018 World Cup Russia 2018 , Mexico and Sweden clash in an exciting match at Ekateryberg Arena on Wednesday evening at the end of Group F matches in which they will both win to confirm their right to the top.

Mexico are looking to continue their strong victories and performances and win their third successive win to confirm their eligibility, especially after proving their right to reach the final stages of the tournament after their exciting victory over Germany in the first round.

Sweden, with 3 points from a win over South Korea, while losing to Germany, and a victory over Mexico is the only hope to rise to the role of the 16.

He met Mexico and Sweden nine times before, but only once in the World Cup, Sweden won the group stage 1958 (3-0 at the time).

The match starts at 4:00 pm EST, 5:00 KSA, 6:00 PM EDT, and bein SPORTS MAX HD 2, with Yousif Saif.

Mexico vs Sweden 0:3

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