Manchester City vs Newcastle Live Streaming online Today 20.1.2018 Premier League
Manchester City vs Newcastle Live Streaming online Today 20.1.2018 Premier League , In the final match of Saturday's game program, Manchester City will host Newcastle. In the last round, the "citizens" suffered the first defeat in the Premier League. Will mankunians be able to return to the victorious path already in the match with the "magpie"?

Manchester city

In the last round, finally, his leader, Manchester City, also suffered a defeat in the current championship of England. This has been going on for a long time. The saturated calendar was gradually making itself felt. The first bell rang already in a duel with the "Crystal Palace", in which the "townspeople" rebounded only because of an unsuccessfully punched "glaziers" penalty - 0: 0. However, Liverpool did not miss their chance and, taking advantage of the failures in the defense of the menkunintsy, celebrated the victory 4: 3.

The defeat is almost not reflected in the tournament situation, "Manchester City". "Citizens" are confidently leading, leaving the pursuers far behind. From the second "Manchester United" team Josep Guardiola came off by 12 points.

At home, the "townspeople" continue to stamp victories. In the last home game was beaten with a score of 3: 1 "Watford". The victory was for the Guardiola wards already the tenth consecutive in the championship. And less than two goals for this period, "Manchester City" did not score.

At mankuniatsev because of injuries can not play Gabriel Jesus, Fabian Delph, Vincent Company, Benjamin Mendy and Phil Foden.


Newcastle has a much worse situation. In the last rounds, however, the "magpies" managed to score a few points, which allowed not to sink into the relegation zone. Now the Benitez team is on the 15th line, just three points ahead of the red line. In five previous rounds, "Newcastle" lost just the "Manchester City" at home 0-1. Also in the native walls, "Newcastle" for this period, played a draw with "Swansea" 1: 1 and "Brighton" 0: 0. But on the road beat "West Ham" 3: 2 and "Stoke City" 1: 0.

In the infirmary at the "forty" are two defenders - Florian Lezhen and Jesús Gamés. The question of the participation in the game of three key players of the team - Dwight Gale, Alexandar Mitrovic and Shansel Mbemba.

Manchester City vs Newcastle 3:1

Sheffield Wednesday vs Cardiff  Live Streaming online Today 20.1.2018  England Championship
Sheffield Wednesday vs Cardiff  Live Streaming online Today 20.1.2018  England Championship , Four defeats in a row had a sobering effect on the footballers of "Cardiff", and therefore the "azure birds" won two previous games with a devastating score. What to expect from Neil Warnock's team in a duel with the boring Sheffield Wednesday?

Sheffield Wednesday

During this season, from the playoff playoff, Sheffield Wednesday turned into a solid middleweight Champion without any claims for promotion in the class. It's clear that this pleased the club's management a little, so it committed a castling on the coaching bridge. Jos Luhukai, a former Bundesliga player who previously trained Stuttgart, came to the post of the "owls" mentor. The progress became noticeable immediately. Sheffield did not miss any of the last three meetings. "Owls" tied with "Sheffield United" - 0: 0 and "Carlisle", and in the second leg the team defeated the Second League 2: 0.

Cardiff City

"Cardiff" during the festive period lost to "Bolton" - 0: 2, "Fulham" - 2: 4, "Preston" - 0: 1 and CRC - 1: 2. These defeats cost the "azure birds" of the second line, even if the "Derby" from the team of Warnock far did not have time to escape. Moreover, as we see, not one of the Welsh rivals for the specified segment was the representative of the first six. The last straw was a home draw in the FA Cup with a modest "Mansfield" - 0: 0. After that Cardiff again remembered how to win: 4: 0 triumph over Sunderland and 4: 1 over Mansfield in the replay.

Sheffield Wednesday vs Cardiff  0:0

Egypt: President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi: Suez Canal revenues rise by 250$ million
Egypt - Cairo: President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that among the goals of the new Suez Canal was the entry of the free currency of the state and the absorption of the new generation of ships, explaining that the Suez Canal income increased by 5% under the current operating conditions, at a rate of 250 million dollars Before creating the new channel.

Al-Sisi added that the Suez Canal facility has been rehabilitated for 30 years to meet the demands of navigation and trade passing through the canal. Egypt is also benefiting from the course entirely through the work of an economic entity for the economic zone Of the Suez Canal, pointing out that the Suez Canal will restore 60 thousand kilometers in Sinai, all citizens say that there is no interest in them.

He explained that the financial cost of the Suez Canal estimated at 68 billion pounds was collected from citizens, the goal that the Egyptians feel that after a period of weakness and a difficult period passed since 2011 until the launch of the project, that they are able to work, and the President: "It was possible to get loans from International institutions in dollars and we are working on the project, but no. "

Caen vs Olympique Marseille Live Streaming online Today 19.1.2018 France Ligue 1
Caen vs Olympique Marseille Live Streaming online Today 19.1.2018 France Ligue 1, After a short respite, a week of double matches continues. The next tour will begin in Cana, where the local club will meet with "Olympique Marseille". Guests are favorites. Will they get three points?


"Caen" presented a pleasant surprise to his fans and grieved the fans of "Bordeaux". On Wednesday, the game with the Monegasks went to a dry, peaceful resolution. In a matter of minutes SMC turned everything upside down. Two goals entered the gates of the "Girondins". Thus, in the ninth time played the crown bet guests "both score (no) and they scored three points. In total, in the active team of Patriz Garand, 27 points, the tenth place.

Olympique Marseille 

In the big French troika there were changes. "Olympique Marseille " is still the third. Only now is the "Lyon" above him, and "Monaco" under him. This week, the "Olympians" squeezed "Strasbourg" in the end of the meeting. Now the Southerners have 44 points after 21 matches.

Caen vs Olympique Marseille 0:2

Derby vs Bristol City Live Streaming online Today 19.1.2018 England Championship
Derby vs Bristol City Live Streaming online Today 19.1.2018 England Championship, On Friday, January 19 at 22:45 at the stadium iPro will host the championship match of England (Championship) Derby County - Bristol City.

Recent team results

Derby County in the last round of the championship defeated on the outskirts of Birmingham City, sending to the opponent's gate three unanswered goals. The unbeaten series of the team has already eight matches, six of which were won. And conceded Derby for these eight fights only two goals and six times left his own gate intact. In his field, Count scored ten points in the last four games, conceding only one goal. Now they occupy the second place in the standings of the Championships, gaining 52 points.

Bristol City lost last weekend at home Norwich with a minimum score of 0: 1 and this was his third consecutive defeat. The team won only one match of the last five and is not in the best shape. While Bristol is holding in the playoff zone - he is the fifth with 47 points scored, but the gap from the seventh position is only four points.

Derby vs Bristol City 0:0

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