Anadolu Agency publishes the results of the Turkish presidential election 3 days before it!
Anadolu Agency publishes the results of the Turkish presidential election 3 days before it!, Several media outlets in Turkey published the results of the presidential election three days before, according to the Anadolu Agency, which later apologized for the publication.

The agency said it was just a "mistake", causing a sensation.

Turkish media, including TVNET, were forced to apologize to their audiences.

Anatolia published the wrong results on Thursday, which indicated that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan retained his position after winning 52.7 percent of the vote, ahead of Muharram Engha (26.2 percent), Meral Akchnar (11.7 percent) and Salah Eddin Dimirtash (7.1 percent).

The Anatolia news agency said in an official statement that it had sent the results to the joint media "on a test basis", confirming that these tests are conducted four times before the elections to ensure that the information to the media correctly.

She explained that the tests aimed to avoid errors during the transfer of results on the night of the elections, considering the accusations of the opposition as "baseless allegations."

Azza al-Douri The former Iraqi Vice President Saddam Hussein dead
Azza al-Douri The former Iraqi Vice President Saddam Hussein dead, Numerous Iraqi media reports circulated about the death of Saddam Hussein's former Iraqi vice president, Azza al-Duri.

The newspaper "Iraq News" published in English, and several Iraqi sites a declaration attributed to Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the late Iraqi president refers to the death of Azza al-Duri.

The Iraqi website quoted a source close to Saddam Hussein's lawyer, Haitham al-Harash, as saying that he was assigned by Saddam's daughter to send a condolence message to the family of Azza al-Duri, after his death.
The source explained that the deputy of Saddam Hussein died in a hospital in Tunisia, after a conflict with a disease in the blood, without explaining the nature of the disease and the location of the hospital.

The Iraqi authorities have been searching for Azzah al-Duri for the past 15 years, 15 years after the fall of the regime of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, after the US invasion of Baghdad in 2003, and has been accused of many charges of involvement in crimes with the regime of Saddam Hussein, and involvement in terrorist operations.

US forces invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, causing the collapse of President Saddam Hussein's regime, which ruled Iraq for 24 years, killed 4,500 US troops during the invasion and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Saddam Hussein was executed after his trial in 2006.

Azza al-Douri appeared in more than one video, the last of which was the April 71 anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi Baath party, which addressed many messages to Iraqis and a number of Arab countries.

Last minute news: Famous singer Hacer Tülü killed
Last minute news ... Two casualties in the armed conflict in Bodrum, four people were injured. Famous singer Hacer Tülü and Mehmet Ali Sürensoy, who runs the entertainment venue, lost his life and 4 people were injured. Hacer Tülü and Mehmet Ali Sürensoy, the attackers were taken into police custody by the police at the police control point in Manisa province

According to last minute news from Bodrum, famous singer Hacer Tülü and Mehmet Ali Sürensoy, who owns the place, lost his life in the fight that broke out in a fun place. It was learned that the attackers who escaped after the bloody haze were captured in Manisa. Haver Tülü 40, the singer who lost his life in the shock attack that took place in a fun place in Bodrum, world famous Barlar Street, and Mehmet Ali Sürensoy, who owns the place, was 52 years old. It was learned that the victims of the attack were not found to have life-threatening injuries.

In the ambience of Muğla's Bodrum municipality, an entertainment venue, the bullets from the guns hit 6 people together with the famous artist Hacer Tülü. Hacer Tülü and Mehmet Ali Sürensoy, the owner of entertainment venue, lost their lives and four of the attackers were caught in Manisa.

According to the report, the event took place in front of an entertainment venue in Bodrum's world-famous Barlar Street. According to the information obtained; Adnan Menderes Street in the car parked in front of the entertainment area in the ambush of the four suspects lying in Barlar Street, entertained the entertainment venue Mehmet Ali Sürensoy'da entered the night club began to fire randomly. In addition to the lead Mehmet Ali Sürensoy, artist Hacer Tülü, 40 years old, Servet K. 52 years old, Cesur A. 40 years old, Kaan M. 23 years old and Onur S. hit.

Miss UK Sophie Gradon, was found in Medburn Dead
Miss UK Sophie Gradon, was found in Medburn Dead , Died 32-year-old star of the famous reality show Sophie Gradon.

On the evening of Wednesday, June 20, a dead British actress, "Miss UK" Sophie Gradon, was found in Medburn (County of Northumberland).

as well as fellow Sophie Gradon Aaron Armstrong, who posted a message on his Facebook page.

The cause of death is still unknown. It is noted that there are no external signs of violent death and everything will become known after the autopsy.

"I will never forget this smile, I love you so much, you are my world forever", commented the girl's beloved photo

Who is Sophie Gradon?

In 2009, Sophie Gradon won the title of "Miss Britain". In 2016, she became a member of the popular in Britain reality show Love Island ("Island of Love"). Before the finale, she did not reach, but she had one of the highest ratings of popularity among the audience. She was remembered for having twisted the first in the history of the "Island of Love" a lesbian novel.

How did Sophie die?

It's unclear how Sophie died but a police spokesman said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

Her boyfriend revealed the news on Facebook.

Sharing a picture of them together, he wrote: "I will never forget that smile I love you so so much baby your my world forever ever and always"

Who was Sophie's boyfriend? What happened on Love Island?
Sophie's boyfriend was Aaron Armstrong, who revealed the news of her death.

During her time on Love Island she was in a relationship with Tom Powell.

After he left the island she made history on the show as one half of the show's first same-sex couple after she coupled up with Katie Salmon.

She then quit the show to get back with Tom.

Sophie Gradon Love Island star died aged 32
Love Island stars lead tributes as Sophie Gradon is found dead aged 32. The Newcastle model, who appeared on the second series of the show, is believed to have passed away on Wednesday night. No cause of death or official statement regarding her suspected death has been released, but Miss Great Britain and Sophie’s boyfriend appeared to confirm the sad news.

Sophie Gradon has passed away aged 32
Who was Sophie Gradon?
Sophie, 32,  was famed for being on Love Island on series 2 in 2016.

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