Egypt : 'The Land of Pyramids'
'Land of Pyramids'
Egypt is not only about monuments and deserts; there is more then that to be explored in Egypt. Egypt Cruise is the best way to explore this beautiful 'Land of Pyramids'. 

Be it for leisure, business purpose or for honeymoon, Egypt Cruise is an ideal setting for any kind of venture. Nile Egypt Cruise: Floating on Nile Egypt Cruise is an experience of a lifetime. It is altogether a refreshing experience to sit on the deck of Nile Egypt Cruise while sipping your favorite drink.Nile Egypt Cruise offers you the golden opportunity to watch the 5, 000 years old culture of the ancient Egypt. 

You can avoid the tiring itineraries of air and land tours by being on Nile Egypt Cruise. This Cruise allows you to have a prospective of the rural Egypt, pyramids, museums and other antiques.Nile Egypt Cruises are generally three, four or seven nights long. You can choose either shorter tours that operate between Luxor and Aswan or the longer cruises that travel further north to Dendera. In order to make your journey to Egypt, Nile Egypt Cruise provides with you all the sophistications of modern living.Cruise Ships are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with latest entertainment equipments, swimming pool, bars and excellent restaurants.

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