"Al-Qaeda" attacked the American Embassy in Yemen

"Al-Qaeda" attacked the American Embassy in Yemen
    "Al-Qaeda" attacked the American Embassy in Yemen
    "Al-Qaeda" claimed responsibility for launching rockets at the American Embassy Yemen. On this Saturday, September 27, according to Reuters. As a result of the explosion, according to police, were injured two guards diplomatic mission. Militants say it was revenge for the air strike American drone on Friday, September 26 in the north. 

    The rocket landed 200 meters away from the embassy. Shot, according to the law enforcement agencies, was produced from antitank grenade M72. Those who attacked the embassy, managed to escape by car. 

    The American embassy said they did not have any evidence that the target of the attack was the embassy and said that none of its employees was hurt. 

    Sources in the local tribes have reported that in an air strike carried out by an American drone in the Governorate (Region) Al Jawf, two members of the "al-Qaeda" were killed and two others - were wounded. In addition, some say that affected several children. 

    The use of drones - one of the most slippery so in Washington. American administration, regularly used drones to fight the militants blamed that these tactics to help save the lives of soldiers, often resulting in the deaths of civilians.
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