Announcing Discussion ( MEB ) Appointment of Teachers 2014 in Turkey

 Announcing Discussion ( MEB ) Appointment of Teachers 2014 in Turkey
     Announcing Discussion ( MEB ) Appointment of Teachers 2014 in Turkey
    MEB Öğretmen Atamaları ve 40 Bin Öğretmen Kontenjanı: Teachers are expected to appoint the news came through the Ministry of Education official website address quota has announced the appointment of teachers. The eyes of thousands of teachers waiting for assignment last night was the Ministry of Education, about 40 thousand teachers to assign staff from the site was declared quotas. Teacher assignments for the Ministry of Education's official web site quotas need to look at the address. 


    Ministry of National Education (MONE), 'Bag for Appointment of Teachers to explain Kontenjanları law had hoped it would pass through Parliament. Bag law is approved in parliament by the teacher immediately pressed the button for the quota. 

    Ministry staff assignment this year was 35 thousand teachers, 40 thousand quota was announced tonight. 

    Ministry of Education teachers to do the assignment was given 35 thousand staff. Discussion gains in the hands of 35 thousand teachers to assign the right to appoint five thousand in total by adding 40 thousand teachers will make the appointment. Teacher appropriations for the year 2014 have been announced. 

    Thereafter eyes for teacher assignments will be in Cankaya. Bag with the eyes of the law approved by the president will be converted to MEB. Regarding teacher assignments will be made after the law was published in the official gazette. 


    Shortage of teachers in schools, while 140 thousand 40 thousand teachers have to be assignment-Sen Chairman Kamura criticism aldı.eğit Khan also said that a shortage of teacher assignments. 140 thousand teachers needed in schools, while stating that it had appointed 40 thousand teachers Khan, "On closure with paid teachers to work again. Therefore, the quality of education will fall. "He said. 

    Appointments so that saves a normal delay Khan, towns and villages that determination and its teachers draw major challenges will lead to major disruptions in education, he added. 


    On the other hand, teachers, preparation for the academic year allowance, as of September 16 will be given. With the signature of the Minister of Education Nabi Avci paper sent to the provinces, according to the Civil Servants Act, teachers always amount to be determined by the Cabinet in September in preparation for the academic year has reminded allowance is given. 

      Teachers training allowance was set at 800 pounds this year. 

    The article, "Public Officials of the General and Service Branch Against Financial and Social Rights Regarding 2014 and 2015, the Spanning 2nd Period Collective Agreement" in the academic year of preparation for the appropriation of 2014 for 850 TL determined were reported. 

    Education and training services, including class teachers actually a teacher is entitled allowances paid to staff working in, as of September 16 will begin to be deposited into their rightful owners.

    Teacher Appointment Quota 2014 today will be certain Appointment of Teachers Quota September 2014 Ministry of Education, click Learning Teacher Appointment Quota 2014 Ministry of Education - September Teacher Nomination Quotas of Teacher Assignment Quotas Heren Announced .. As you know, thousands of our teacher assignments while waiting for his eyes from Parliament the bag in the legislation 35 thousand teachers were assigning quotas. Bags laws output meclisd last night. 

    Ministry of Education to appoint gained 35 thousand in hand by adding the right to appoint a total of 5 thousand to 40 thousand teachers will make the appointment. Parliament calls late because the eyes now to the appointment of teachers in Cankaya then be converted into the Ministry of Education. Meticulously path to the ongoing National Education Baknlıg make references to the jet velocity will complete assignments. 

    After the publication in the Official Gazette, which can be described tonight because teachers assign quotas öğretmenlerinmiz the eyes and ears for this development have been translated. Teachers assign quotas not been announced as a one will be published on our site. The website for the appointment of teachers to be the most preferred given the same excitement with our readers in mind, we are living our valued. Thus, the appointment of teachers quotas açıklang moment will be during the day on our site.
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