Download Google Chrome browser .latest version update 2014

Download Google Chrome browser .latest version update 2014
    Download Google Chrome browser .latest version update 2014
    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome - download Google Chrome browser and Google Chrome last .. Download the latest version update Google Chrome new 2014 .. 

    Last change of application Chrome Chrome - Technology offer a comprehensive report on the best programs, browse the Internet and more commonly used browsers, Google Chrome, and when we talk about Google Chrome and its features, because it is very light on the device and compared the program Firefox, where google chrome is very simple and uncomplicated, and based on these features become browser Google Chrome best in the world, comes the new version of the program this year comes with many upgrades security became difficult very penetrating your computer or your information while using the program. 

    Where in light of the strong competition between the browsers to Internet sites Google Chrome browser proved its worth after the new updates that have been supplied with them, always looking for netizens download Google Chrome Google Chrome download the Google Chrome browser Chrome 2014-2015 .. 

    The last issue, we offer you today link Download Google Chrome "Google Chrome" the last and latest version Arabic - Download Google Chrome version of the Arab updates 2015.2014, is the latest version of the Google Chrome browser of the strongest releases issued by the company Google so far Google in 2015 the latest technology in the world of browsers , for the operating system Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP, Google Chrome and occupies second place after the new Firefox, in spite of the strength of competition between browsers except Opera browser that has patrons of the world. 

    As we know that search engine cognitive Google when you ask him about anything you want it throw an answer in the form of a card, and now tested Google unofficially feature in the browser allow him to display the answers proposed your question while writing the question and even without the need to complete it fully. 

    To activate this feature to enter "chrome: // flags" and then went down a bit and look for the option of "Answers in Suggest" and press it once and select Enable. Then you will notice while writing it will answer the question proposed. 

    Of course, the search engine cognitive Google is not supporting all the questions that you may think of, but intelligent and useful to answer a lot of questions easily and even become smart so that you can expand with another question, and Google will understand that the same observer of the previous question. 

    To download the program: - Click here
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