Eriska Rein & Mithu Nisar Official Married
Eriska Rein & Mithu Nisar Official Married
JAKARTA - Artists Eriska Rein today amid happy. The reason, he dipersunting lover, Mithu Nisar. They officially became a couple. 

Located at Sunlake, Sunter, North Jakarta, Eriska and Mithu looks sumringah, and happy. 

Previously, they did consent granted for the sake of formalizing the relationship. However, Mithu was repeating consent granted. 

"I received a marriage and mating Eriska Reinisa bint Agus Kurniawan with a set of tools dowry prayers, and money amounting to Rp 100 thousand paid in cash," said Mithu, Sunday (09/28/2014). 

The plan, they will hold a reception today from 17:00 am until finished. 

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