Eva Mendes - Ryan Gosling’s Baby Girl

Eva Mendes - Ryan Gosling’s Baby Girl
    Eva Mendes - Ryan Gosling’s Baby Girl
    Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling’s Baby Girl
    Ryan Gosling, 33, and Eva Mendes, 40, are finally proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Insiders close to the couple have revealed new details about which one of her parents the baby girl looks like, which means we might just have an idea of what she might look like!

    Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling’s Baby Girl: Which Parent Does She Look Like?
    You’ve probably already figured it out — the Mendes-Gosling baby looks more like her mommy, Eva!
    On Sept. 16, an insider close to the couple revealed to E! Online that the baby girl, born on Sept. 12, is a mini Eva.

    “Everyone is saying the baby looks like Eva and has her features,” the source revealed, which gives us just the tiniest bit of hope that she is as beautiful a baby girl as the world expects her to be.

    Although it is worth mentioning that no matter who she looked like — Ryan or Eva — she would definitely be one gorgeous baby. Talk about luck of the draw!

    As you can see, HollywoodLife.com’s expert photo team has put together a “preview” photo of what the little baby girl looks like. Maybe one day we’ll get to compare a real photo of Eva’s daughter side-by-side with our photoshop job!

    Eva Was Ready To Become A Mom

    The same insiders who are revealing details about the baby’s birth are also sharing that being a mommy was something Eva had been dreaming about for quite some time.

    “She’s so good with kids and has been wanting this a really long time,” the insider shared. “When she found out she was having a girl, she was freaking out. She kind of wanted a girl deep down but of course just wants a happy and healthy baby! Ryan is saying he is going to be overpowered with girls in the house and is gonna have to be extra manly around the house!”

    Aw, we are so happy to hear about how overjoyed Eva is about her baby girl’s arrival. We’re sure Ryan is excited, too, and can’t wait to spoil his little princess.

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