Formel 1 - Rosberg failure Grand Prix Singapore

Formel 1 - Rosberg failure Grand Prix Singapore
    Formel 1 - Rosberg failure Grand Prix Singapore
    Rosberg-Ausfall beim Großen Preis von Singapur
    An electronics problem on the steering wheel has Nico Rosberg fucking in the Formula 1 night from Singapore to inaction when commanding victory of the new World Cup overall leader Lewis Hamilton. 


    The 29-year-old Wiesbaden could only watch as his unloved Mercedes team-mate won the 14th race of the season and this year took from him the second time the championship lead after his off in the 14th round. 

    Hamilton raced on Sunday two hours before midnight, the fireworks at Marina Bay in front of Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull and the Stall rival Daniel Ricciardo finish line. For Hamilton, it was the second victory in succession and the seventh this year. 

    "Fantastic job guys, thank you," he admitted after the Grand Prix, which included only 60 rounds for the two-hour rule, through over the pit radio praise to his crew. "The result, I have dreamed. Excluding the team that would not have been possible." 

    "Not perfect for Mercedes" 

    Hamilton admitted at the same time that it ran for Rosberg off "but not perfect" for Mercedes. Facilitates was Vettel after his best placement 2014 "It's a really tough race," he said brightly, "but I like it.

    " Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg stormed after a strong comeback still on position nine. For Clean-man Adrian Sutil is not resubmitted for meters, he had his car after another botched race on lap 42 off. 

    After his second loss of the season Rosberg lost a World Cup leader. Before the 15th race of the season in two weeks in Japan is Hamilton (241 points) with three points ahead of his rival stable. Vettel (124) slid after the third podium of the year before in fifth place. 

    "Steering wheel does not work" 

    Huge problems had Rosberg before the expiry of the Red Lights. "The steering wheel does not work as it should," said Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff. "We have replaced it, but it has brought nothing." Prior to the installation lap of the 29-year-old could turn no transitions at his Silver Arrow and not drive off. His place as qualifying second behind pole sitter Hamilton on the grid was empty therefore, Rosberg had to start the futile chase at the end of the pit lane. 

    The new technique breakdown of his teammates, however, the British offered the ideal conditions to make on the 5.065 kilometers long track in the title fight is an important step. Vettel then tacked on the heels of strong Hamilton started before Ferrari star Fernando Alonso and the second Red Bull man Daniel Ricciardo. 

    Many ads were missing 

    Rosberg could rely on his steering wheel basically only on the course, additional messages were missing - not only on the extremely twisty track in Singapore a tremendous disadvantage. Whopping five seconds afterwards he lacked average per round at the frenzied them at the top of Hamilton. And the residue grew and grew. Then after all returned to the radio. "We can hear you Nico, we can hear you," the command post informed facilitated with. On lap 14 it was over, however. After a stop in the garage Rosberg came with his silver arrow stops on the spot and motioned with his arms the task. Petrified he looked in the box later to himself, Wolff pressed him encouragingly. 

    "These are always exceptional situations. Somewhere There was a mini-defect, just behind the steering wheel in the corridors worked," said Rosberg. "I have been excited while driving. That was not so nice, every intention behind a Caterham. This is a very sobering result." The foundation identified the crew later on a defective connection between the steering wheel and car. 

    Vettel behind Hamilton 

    Meanwhile, Hulkenberg and Sutil rubbed on the last third of the field. Front pursued the sovereign Vettel leading Hamilton, who drove safely meet his 29th Grand Prix victory. Then came quasi traditionally at the night race, the safety car onto the track. After the carriage of Sutil and Sergio Perez had touched, were parts of the Force India snout of the Mexican on the asphalt. The field moved in round 32 again closer together, only six laps later, Hamilton & Co. could re-open throttle. 

    For the World Cup champion from 2008, of course, a disadvantage. His gums built, however, from more and more. "The rear tires are getting hot," warned Hamilton. On lap 53 he got new tires again, but only got behind Vettel in second place on the route. However, shortly afterwards, Hamilton took first place again and could finally celebrate.
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