Hackers posted another batch of candid shots of celebrities

Hackers posted another batch of candid shots of celebrities
    Hackers posted another batch of candid shots of celebrities
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Another portion of the personal photos of American celebrities hit the Internet. Hackers have posted them on sites 4Chan and Reddit, later administration has blocked these pages, but explicit material had to scatter on social networks, writes on Saturday, September 27, Daily Beast. 

    For existing images of the actress Jennifer Lawrence added more than fifty. Also become victims of hackers actress Anna Kendrick (Anna Kendrick), Kelly Garner (Kelli Garner), Alexandra Chando (Alexandra Chando), Lauren O'Neill (Lauren O'Neil), Brooke Burns (Brooke Burns) and Briana Evigan (Briana Evigan) . 

    It is noted that in the pictures with Kendrick no explicit training, but they can be seen as an actress is involved in a variety of parties. 

    In addition, the network got photos models Delevin Cara (Cara Delevingne) and three-time Olympic champions in beach volleyball Misty May-Trainor (Misty May-Treanor). 

    This is the third such incident in the last month. At the beginning of September in the public domain in the network there dozens of pictures of famous actresses and singers, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, which are partially or completely naked. This week from cybercriminals affected, in particular, cover girl Kim Kardashian, actress Mary-Kate Olsen, Emma Stone and singer Avril Lavigne. 

    In the media there were versions that leaked through the breaking of the "cloud" storage or function iCloud Find My Phone. Apple has officially denied these allegations, saying that the theft of the pictures have been associated with direct burglary systems Apple, including iCloud and Find My iPhone. To protect yourself from such incidents, Apple advised users to use strong passwords and activate two-step verification account.
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