Holidays in Egypt - it is a unique experience!

Holidays in Egypt - it is a unique experience!
    Holidays in Egypt - it is a unique experience!
    Holidays in Egypt - it is a unique experience! Plus the opportunity to visit the neighboring country! 

    Nowhere in the world rest on comfortable accomodation in modern hotels is not compatible with such a fascinating excursion program and affordable prices as a holiday in Egypt. 

    Every year it is visited by more than 5 million. Persons. 

    Egypt - the country of pharaohs and pyramids, Egypt - a land of ancient monuments and interesting museums, Egypt - a country of excellent beaches and rich coral and strange fish of the Red Sea. 

    Most tourists in Egypt attracts holiday on the Red Sea coast. 

    This is where the best hotels in Egypt, the best service, the best beaches and coral gardens of Egypt. Cities on the coast of the Red Sea became an international center for diving, surfing and sailing. 
    Next to the Sharm el-Sheikh is a unique marine reserve of Ras Muhammad: sand dunes, mangroves, amazing animals, fish, birds and plants - what could be better than relaxing in Egypt? 

    Whatever kind of holiday in Egypt you choose, you will get an unforgettable pleasure from contact with a fabulous nature and ancient history! 

    Holidays in Egypt due to the interest in the architectural heritage of the country, which is more than five thousand years. 

    Tourism in Egypt is an unforgettable beauty of the Red Sea and contemporary service resorts in Egypt, which in combination with a healthy desert climate make the stay in Egypt is not just fun, but also very useful for health. 

    But in spite of its magnificence, holiday in Egypt involves certain difficulties for traveling around the country: the heat, devastation, coliform bacteria in drinking water. 

    Therefore, if you are going for a vacation in Egypt, be prepared for some discomfort, but believe me, it will all be small things that do not go to any comparison with the feelings that you experience when you touch the thousand-year history of Egypt, when you see the beauty of the Nile in the flood, green irrigated fields, small villages of Egypt, who are hiding from the sun in the shade of palm trees, when inhale unique smell of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and feel their exotic taste, and meet with an extraordinary, vivid underwater world of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh. 

    All this is only a small part of the sights and experiences that will make your stay a memorable one in Egypt! 
    Wael Elyamani
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