independence of Brazil
independence of Brazil
According to Professor Tania Regina de Luca, the history of UNESP (Universidade Estadual Paulista) of Assisi, department already existed two dates for the celebration of the Independence of Brazil: September 7, when she was proclaimed, and October 12, the date birthday and coronation as emperor Dom Pedro of Brazil 1. 

The teacher explains that there was some competition between the two dates. 

"Pedro proclaiming independence on September 7, but people will know what he did then had no internet at the time. Creates What the state is symbolically crowned emperor when he is already in Rio de Janeiro," said Tania. 

In 1831, when Dom Pedro abdicated the Brazilian throne in the name of his son, Peter of Alcantara, who became 2nd D. Pedro, the October 12 cease to be a public holiday and the September 7 becomes stronger. "When it goes away it makes sense to celebrate his birthday. Commemoration passes to December 2 it was Pedro 2nd birthday," says the teacher. 

But since he was 6 years old and not actually assumed power, the 2nd anniversary of Pedro also not "caught" as the date for the celebration, contributing to the strengthening of September 7.

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