iPhone 6 features the new smartphone from Apple

iPhone 6 features the new smartphone from Apple
    iPhone 6 features the new smartphone from Apple
    iPhone 6
    Under the Flint Center, near the headquarters of the company and where 30 years ago Steve Jobs introduced the world's first Mac, Apple has unveiled the first smartphone that no longer bears the seal of the founder of the company's bitten apple, the iPhone 6.

    In this topic we have told all the news live from the presentation of the terminals where after months of rumors and leaks, the new terminal of the Cupertino company finally, as announced, will be 2-Screen 4.7 inch 1334 x 750 pixel resolution and a 5.5-inch screen and HD resolution. This equates to a 38% and 185% more pixels compared to iPhone 5s.

    It focus on the smaller iPhone 6 will feature a thickness of just 6.9 millimeters in a design that is modeled that has been all these months, rounded body with an aluminum antibody characteristics lines and lines in your shell .

    Has processor A 8 improved which is 25% faster than the smaller A 7 above and especially more efficient in power consumption by 50% plus 13%, and a co-processor, the Apple M 8, to be destined for typical fitness apps, among others to be able to distinguish the motion applied depending on the terminal functions. In this new version, the iPhone 6 will be able to accurately measure the altitude and GPS also includes a barometer by which to measure atmospheric pressure.

    The terminal also has new sensors such as the barometer and i Sight has 8 megapixel camera, flash and dual tone opening f / 2.2. It is capable of taking shots slow motion video at up to 120 fps and this time runs out the optical image stabilizer.

    The iPhone 6 features Cat 4 LTE connectivity up to 150 Mbps of download and is compatible with up to 20 bands, which guarantees that can be used anywhere in the world. Comes well prepared to support Volt E, which have announced they arrive in Spain later this year 2014 and that means better services for voice calls.

    They both with fingerprint sensor Touch ID, that under the agreement with companies such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express may be associated with credit card we use our Apple account or another we have that are managed through the system is called pay Apple and the app Passbook manage, and pay the terminal where fitted.

    They say Apple will know neither what you buy and the amount of what you pay for, and even the establishment know neither the card used. In addition, Apple Pay also focus on online payments, to provide a more secure, with a payment in one step, without putting any data at checkout. Some who already provide in their applications are Uber or Group on.

    According to data presented at the conference model raises the battery life up to 50 hours music playback and video playback 11. As for web browsing on 3 G and 4 G connection, the data is set to 10 hours and 11 hours using WiFi. For calls, supports up to 14 hours and stand holds up to 240 hours, same data provided by the previous generation iPhone.

    The iPhone 6 will come in three smallest internal capabilities, as usual, but one is lost, the 32 GB. Therefore, there will be models 16 GB, 64 GB and more interesting, and expensive, 128 GB, with models in gold, dark gray and silver, with a commercial launch on 19 September in USA and arrival to progressive end to end of the year to more than 115 countries.
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