Jenny McCarthy Spreading Her Wings
Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy has two commercially viable skills: flashing her tits and telling dirty jokes. The moment these saloon whore party tricks stop, America tunes her out, save for a brief time when she convinced rich white women that vaccines were bad and polio was good thereby reversing the tide of deadly virus regression in the Western World. Minor footnote in the Wikipedia page. 

After being fired from the View for being unable to speak intelligently even by the View standards, Jenny took to SiriusXM Radio in her Dirty Sexy Funny radio show. There, eleven paid subscribers can guffaw as Jenny riffs uncensored on topics of the day such as how to give a cat a blowjob, would you eat a hot girls shit during sex, and whether you can use hysterectomy remains as a prophylactic. When the listener base dropped to single digits, Jenny flashed her tits for the in-studio cameras. You should never forsake your roots.

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