Joachim Fuchsberger is dead:Sad day for the German
Joachim Fuchsberger
Joachim Fuchsberger is dead : It is again a sad day for the German entertainment industry have been. Joachim Fuchs Berger is dead. 

Most people knew him by his nickname Blacky. 87 years old he has become. One of his last interviews he gave a few months at Markus Lanz in ZDF ago. The show has just aired again, and at the end stood at the audience and applauded this great man. Touching. 

My first TV encounter with him I had with "On, steady, go", his Saturday night show at first. In the 80s he hosted the game with the letters and words. Still worth seeing. When he "Wetten, dass ...?" Bets in Frank Elstners lost, he had to host a show in her nightgown. He pulled through and got a beating. At that time it was a scandal, today we would laugh about it. 

In "Today 'Evening", he interviewed many, many celebrities, "yes or no", he led Robert Lemckes "What am I?" continued. 

Long, long before my time, he played in many Edgar Wallace films, turned to one or the other Pauker film - and he was announcer at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. As it was said, an aircraft maneuver at the stadium, there was a risk of stroke, the decision lay with him to vacate the stadium. He decided against it for fear of a stampede. An incredible burden that was upon him there. 

2007 until he saw as Lord Dickham in Oliver Kalkofes "Neues vom WiXXer" sensation. Until the end Fuchsberger was an alert observer of German television, he had a great sense of humor. When he was on talk shows as a guest, you hung on his lips. 
Blacky has left the stage of life, and he will be missed.

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