Johnny Weir Being Sued for Texting Herpes

Johnny Weir Being Sued for Texting Herpes
    Johnny Weir Being Sued for Texting Herpes
    Victor Voronoz is suing the shit out of his former figure skating husband and flamboyant sports announcer Johnny Weir because Weir told Access Hollywood that Voronoz tried to rape him during one of their attempted reconciliations:

    He asked me to lay in bed with him in the biblical sense, and when I refused, the altercation between us started. I was defending myself.

    That sounds like rape to me. Or a low level sex crime tacitly condoned in the book of Leviticus if you’re making ass babies. Either way, not something you should accuse your ex-husband of on national television when he happens to be an attorney. Voronoz also claims Weir is crazy with the jealousy and texted another figure skater Voronoz was topping and told him that his ex had herpes. Voronoz adamantly denies he has herpes and claims he will fuck ten more male skaters right in their gold medals to prove it.

    Voronoz’s lawsuit includes photos of bite marks and bruises he says Johnny gave him and claims Weir is nothing more than a conmanNancy pants:

    He spun lies as easily as he performed a triple salchow

    Ice skating is life. That metaphor ought to ring true with the two-percent of judicial system personnel who know what the fuck that means. I suspect this suit never makes it to trial and the former couple settle on Johnny handing over his grandmother’s bangle earrings Voronoz always coveted. That and a turn for Voronoz on ‘Why I Chose To Say’ on the Meredith Viera show during sweeps ought to make him whole again.
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