Of the terrible giant monopoly Nokia into a company, which is difficult to make ends meet. And this despite the fact that its leaders had the gift of predicting the future of the mobile industry. 
    There was a time when a conversation about mobile phones began to mention Nokia. Ten years ago, the company has dominated the market for mobile devices, and it is absolutely deserved. Find a bad unit in the catalog Nokia was almost impossible: the Finnish company makes the most beautiful, powerful and interesting at the time of the device. And the reliability of unit in the network still go laudatory legends - some people joke that the famous Nokia 3310 could crack nuts, writes RBK.Stil. 
    iPhone 6, which many consider the best smartphone in the world, "chained" in aluminum and its critics nahvalennaya camera protrudes slightly from the body. The same thing happened with the Nokia N8, appeared in 2010. Principles of the smartphone, which this week bought 10 million people, not intrinsically different from what I wanted to do Nokia: offer customers the best camera on the market, as well as better build quality and make the competition sweat to do something similar. 
    The only thing Nokia made ​​a mistake - that software. N8 was fully technically ready in the beginning of 2010, and he come out then, would be one of the first devices that can shoot video in HD-format. But the constant delays in the development of Symbian, the operating system from Nokia, have led to the fact that N8 was released only in September. And it became obvious that Symbian terribly crude and very few people able to please. 
    great potential 
    "It's big. But the beautiful and delicate." If wrest these words out of context, one might think that they were taken from a speech by Phil Schiller at the launch of iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, Anssi Vanjoki said them, showing the press Nokia E7 in 2010, then four-inch display smartphone seemed huge. Now it seems that Nokia already knew what the consumer wants, because the big screens in modern smartphones - a necessity. 
    Then Nokia has introduced a number of services, location-based collecting user data. Now it no surprise, in the same Facebook can be attached to his post mark on the map. And in 2010, the niche of mobile navigation software and maps was new - and Nokia had planned to become a leader in it. 
    But the company did not want to change rapidly, and continuing from year to year to update Symbian, laid explosives under its own foundation. Nokia afraid to scare away the novelty of its current users who are accustomed to the once most convenient operating system, and as a result all of its flagships, such progressive in its nature, working on a system that does not stand up to any competition with any iOS, or with Android. She slowed down, looked bad, and the application was not enough. And those that were often simply not installed. In versions of Symbian could be lost, and it is also not conducive to good sales. 
    Translation Nokia smartphones on Android while many seemed the ideal output, because with "iron" part and the design of devices with the Finnish company has never had any problems. Vanjoki but abandoned the idea, considering its short-sighted: "It's like trying to keep warm in the winter, to help in my pants." Many people laughed, but now, looking at the financial problems of HTC, the mobile division of Sony and Motorola, it seems that the head of Nokia was not so wrong. In addition to Google, Samsung and Huawei are now very few people get a good profit from the sales of Android-smartphone. 
    Over time, Nokia was still forced to change the vector of development and choose Windows Phone as a platform to build their future. This process is still ongoing, however, already under the banner of Microsoft. 
    But even before the transition to WP Nokia released the N9. The smartphone runs on the open source operating system MeeGo OS, which was to be the successor to Symbian. And then it just became a breath of fresh air, not only for the company but also for the mobile industry in general. 
    The unit was multi-tasking, switch from one application to another can be "on the go" with the beautiful slider. This feature then appeared in other smart phones, including the beloved iPhone. True, Apple has reached it only to iOS 7. 
    In N9 first appeared function unlock the screen by double-tapping on the screen - now it is one of the trump cards Android- "shell" LG. In short, if N9 was a revelation, but apparently give odds to many modern flagships. But who now remembers about him? 
    First - does not mean better 
    The list of things that, ahead of its time, conceived Nokia, is endless. For example, Vanjoki predicted that in the future, cameras will replace "camera phones". Then listen to it was ridiculous. And now? The iPhone 6 Plus optical image stabilization, and a resolution of 30 megapixels matrix no surprise. And when the iPhone does not have any applications, while Android - maps, Nokia smartphones have been both. 
    Just be the first sometimes is not enough. The leaders of Nokia has been a gift to see the future of the industry, to predict its development with stunning accuracy, but they never turned up to the mark to realize their bold assumptions. And perhaps, if Nokia has paid tribute to the time the software kilometer queue at the start of sales of the new device would not be dragged to the Apple Store, and the shops of the Finnish company.
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