Rihanna, Amber Heard, Kim Kardashian nude photos: Rihanna goes into hiding; Kardashian remains calm
Kim Kardashian
Rihanna, Amber Heard, and Kim Kardashian have all become victims in the nude photo scandal. Just recently emerged a new set of intimate images of multiple stars. 

The authenticity of the images is not confirmed by the prominent women. 

Since the images have surfaced on the net keeps Rihanna, 26, in the background. Also from Twitter, the singer has disappeared. Neither Rihanna nor her representatives have yet commented on the nude photos. 

The fiancĂ© of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, has apparently actually not have an account on the social media platforms. The 28-year-old has so far not commented on the intimate images. 

Kardashian, 33, cares little about the leaked images. She is still in the spotlight. Also she is very active on Twitter. Basically it has the leaked images completely ignored. Neither she nor her representatives have commented on the photos. The pictures show the reality TV star naked in a bathroom. 

The second wave of the pictures in the Vanessa Hudgens, Hope Solo, and Anna Kendrick are concerned, was released on September 19 on the Internet. The photos will be uploaded on the websites 4Chan and Reddit and circulated from there. 

A third wave of intimate images of several stars would have the Internet to meet on the weekend. These photos were made​​, however.

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