Samsung Galaxy 4 vs Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy 4 vs Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy 4 compared to the Galaxy S5: the biggest Android phones in 2014

Contrary to popular belief the iPhone 6 is not the only new handset being launched this month. Android purists will be focused on the Nexus 6, but for the masses the big interest is Samsung and the new Galaxy Note 4.

The original Galaxy Note was a game changer when it was released in 2011 and with the Note 3 last year the large format ‘phablet’ hit the mainstream, selling over 10 million units in just two months. Furthermore with smartphone screen sizes getting ever larger phablets are becoming less and less intimidating to transition to and they typically marry their big screens with masses of power and great battery life.

All of which creates a conundrum: phone or phablet? The 4.7-inch Galaxy Alpha is likely to be too small for potential Note 4 owners so my comparison point is the Samsung Galaxy S5 - the biggest selling Android phone on the planet. Let’s put the two head-to-head.

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