What's Up Plus New 2014 - Download What's Up Plus
What's Up Plus
What's Up Plus New 2014 - Download What's Up Plus Whatsapp Plus download the latest version updates all application developer Blue 

  Whatsapp Plus v 6.15 Full with Hide appearing offer you the new version with the feature Hide last appearance, after nearly 22 days on the passage of the release version of the previous and bearing the number Whatsapp Plus v 6.13, were merged many advantages in this version as well as to repair some of the problems experienced by users is the most prominent new additions 

- Has been improved property verification updates. 
- Has been improved image sizes to its natural form. 
- Also has been improved expressive icons to its natural form. 
- Improvements and other reforms 

Note: It is now no need to take a backup copy of the messages, in this version of the program will take them from you Naaah! 

It is worth mentioning that What's Up Plus reached number fantastically 600 million active users, and states that Atsab and August had exceeded half billion user mark in April this year. While the application is WeChat is the closest behind him with 438 million active users, mostly from China, while Tango has 70 million active users, and the Viper 100 million users. 
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