WWE Superstars: Sin Cara vs. Justin Gabriel Sept. 18, 2014

WWE Superstars: Sin Cara vs. Justin Gabriel Sept. 18, 2014
    WWE Superstars: Sin Cara vs. Justin Gabriel Sept. 18, 2014
    WWE Superstars , September 18, 2014, Lafayette, Louisiana, Commentators: Tom Phillips, Renee Young
    Recap by: Jason Namako

    We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

    The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. Los Matadores (Diego & Ferenado) w/El Torito

    Rowan & Ferenado start. Rowan with a gut kick & a back club. Rowan misses 2 clotheslines and Ferenado puts Rowan on the brakes before yelling out an "OLE." Rowan charges, but then blocks a Sunset Flip attempt by Ferenado and throws him into the corner. Rowan runs into a boot, but catches Ferenado off a second rope crossbody attempt and hits a fallaway slam. 

    Harper in, double shot to Ferenado, followed by an uppercut. Elbow drop by Harper for a nearfall. Ferenado comes back with a jawbreaker, but Harper stops him from making a tag and hits a big boot for a nearfall. Gator Roll by Harper into a chinlock. Crowd wills on Ferenado. Torito gets on the apron as Harper breaks the hold. 

    This allows Ferenado to hit Harper with a dropkick. Diego in, Harper misses a clothesline and Diego with left hands & chops. Diego takes a shot at Rowan, then Harper runs into double boots by Diego. 2 spinning shoulder attacks by Diego, then Tiger flips Harper and yells out another "OLE." Harper charges, but Diego drop toe holds him into the middle rope. Diego charges and drops his body weight across the back of Harper's head. Diego heads up top, corkscrew attack to Harper, Rowan breaks up the pin. Ferenado in, but Rowan sends him to the outside. Diego sends Rowan to the outside as well.

    Discus Clothesline by Harper for the win.

    Winners: The Wyatt Family by pinfall (Discus Clothesline)

    The Wyatts stand tall afterward.

    We see video from the series of matches Sin Cara & Justin Gabriel have had over the last 2 weeks on Superstars, each getting a win. They meet in the rubber match tonight.


    We see video from this past Monday's RAW with what transpired between John Cena, Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman.

    Backstage, Justin Gabriel says that everyone already knows that I am the best high-flyer in the WWE today. Sin Cara can go ahead and claim whatever he wants, but I go out every single night, I break my back and I prove over and over again that I am the best high-flyer in the WWE. Sin Cara, tonight, prove me wrong, I dare you.


    We see video from this Monday's RAW with the match between Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins.


    Main Event in the Rubber Match: Sin Cara vs. Justin Gabriel

    Gabriel backs Cara into the corner and unloads with a series of right hands. Back club, a right hand and a gut shot in the corner by Gabriel. Cara fights back with chops & a knee to the ribs. Right hand and more chops by Cara. Gabriel Tiger flips over Cara and hits a chest kick, a snapmare and La Magistral for a nearfall. Gut shot and a right hand by Gabriel. More right hands by Gabriel in the corner. Gabriel with a crossbody in the corner, then hits a shoulder to the ribs from the apron. Gabriel goes for a slingshot Sunset flip, but Cara rolls through it. Gabriel avoids a head kick by Cara, but Cara rolls through a roll-up attempt and this time hits the head kick for a nearfall. Gabriel blocks a Butterfly by Cara and backdrops him over. Gabriel with a gut shot and a chop to Cara in the corner, followed by a right hand. Cara slips out of a slam by Gabriel and hits a Power Driver for a nearfall. Cara heads up top, but Gabriel nails him in mid-air with a dropkick to the ribs.


    Back from commercial as Cara fights out of a Gabriel seated double chickenwing. Gabriel with a knee to the ribs, a snapmare and a Victim Kick for a 1 count. Another Victim Kick by Gabriel for a nearfall. More Victim Kicks by Gabriel, then presses his boot against Cara's face and taunts him. Gabriel pulls at the mask of Cara, then hits a snap suplex, followed by floating over into a reverse armbar. 

    Crowd wills on Cara, who fights out, but Gabriel slips out of a back suplex and hits a savate kick to the ribs, followed by a clothesline. Gabriel gets a 1 count. Double sledge to the back of Cara by Gabriel, then locks Cara in an Abdominal Stretch. Crowd again wills on Cara. Cara fights out and hits a backdrop. Gabriel runs into a back elbow & a boot by Cara, then Cara with the roll-through power clean into a powerbomb. Gabriel misses a clothesline and Cara with a springboard headbutt. Clothesline by Cara, followed by a springboard crossbody. Cara with a spinning headscissors and fires up. Cara sent onto the apron by Gabriel, but hits an enziguri. 

    Cara heads up top and hits the Falling Star, but Gabriel gets his hand on the bottom rope to stop the pin! Gabriel kicks at Cara's knee, then hits a right hand and a back elbow. Gabriel heads up top and hits a moonsault press for a nearfall. Gabriel is getting frustrated. Gabriel heads up top, but Cara crotches him. Cara heads up with Gabriel and hits a Super Rana, but Gabriel rolls through and pins Cara for a nearfall.

    Cara then reverses the pin and gets the win.

    Winner: Sin Cara by pinfall (Pin Reversal)

    Cara celebrates his win afterward, while Gabriel is upset about the loss.


    We close Superstars with video from RAW and Mark Henry's rallying of America before his match with Rusev at this Sunday's Night of Champions PPV.
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