Alan Henning: taxi driver wanted to alleviate suffering in Syria
Alan Henning
The suffering of the civil war refugees in Syria could not look simple with Alan Henning. The taxi driver from the north of England Salford in Manchester took leave, his wife and two children in the Teenager left her and went on his way to deliver urgently needed aid in the crisis area. 

Just before he was kidnapped in December of terrorists, Henning said in a video, what drove him: "Our sacrifice is nothing compared to what they go through day after day." To see that the required actually arriving, was worth all the effort. As a "peaceful, selfless man" described his wife him later in their desperate appeals to the kidnappers. 

Warnings and entreaties of friends, colleagues and local guide, the border to Syria not to cross, Henning did not hold on, "Even as we have all said, you will be the only white person there, it is not sure he has not been listening. he has so much conviction, you could not finish him, "quoted the British" Telegraph "a colleague. 

Other helpers, which was the 47-year-old on the road, gave him the nickname "gadget" (technical toys), because he knew his way around so well with technology. On Boxing Day 2013 captured terrorists Alan Henning, shortly after he had crossed the border to Syria in a vehicle convoy.

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