Albania vs Denmark Live Stream 11/10/2014 Online

Albania vs Denmark Live Stream 11/10/2014 Online
    Albania vs Denmark Live Stream 11/10/2014 Online
    Albania stole 3 points in Portugal in round 1. That probably had an impact on current odds, which seems too high on away side. After all they are quite a few levels below Denmark quality wise.
    Top spot will probably be a duel between Denmark and Portugal as it tends to be when these two share their group stage. Albania is not and never was a team with chances to progress. That major result in Portugal will likely not be enough to help them achieve anything different than the usual. After all Portugal tends to drop points to low level teams, so there's no immidiate reason to make Albania the elephant in the room.

    Denmark has been a tough team to predict in recent years. When they play to their best they can beat most teams in the world. When they play poorly, they can lose to... well not the worst teams in the world, but close enough. A new low was the home defeat 1-4 to Armenia in the WC qualification group. Before that they beat Czech Republic 0-3 away. That's what I call unstable.
    First things first. Denmark has been in a transition period in recent years. A lot of old players retired and a completely new and young team has been rebuild. That's obviously not something that's going to work right away and it sure didn't as Denmark "only" clinched 2nd place in the WC qualifier behind Italy in a tough group with Czech Republic and Bulgaria trailing them. Unlucky it was the exact 2nd place of the groups that didn't result in a playoff tie. It was a qualification that saw an unstable danish team with a lot of young talented players lacking experience. It's been two years now and coach Morten Olsen seems to have figured out who to play and where to play them. Individual roles has been given and many of these young players are performing on a great scale in some of europe's big leagues. We've seen additions like Schmeichel (Leicester) and Høbjerg (Bayern) bringing an immidiate impact.

    The team is built around playmaker Christian Eriksen who has plenty of tools to open Albania's compact defense. There's a lot of pace in the danish team, especially from the fullbacks, so it seems too dangerous for a side like Albania to push forward in this type of matchup.
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