An iPhone without iOS 6 8 pulls on eBay before disappearing prototype ...

An iPhone without iOS 6 8 pulls on eBay before disappearing prototype ...
    An iPhone without iOS 6 8 pulls on eBay before disappearing prototype ...
    SMARTPHONE - A phone, billed as an iPhone 6 64GB prototype attracts collectors. Nearly 200 people have bid on this smartphone to reach a whopping 94,000 dollars before the ad is removed. 

    The auction, originally scheduled to last until October 9, stopped Oct. 6. The small announcement of this very rare prototype iPhone 6 is no longer available on eBay. Last I heard, the price had risen to 94,000 dollars (75,000 euros). The mysterious saleswoman named Kimberlyk1018, claiming not to be an Apple employee. Beverly Hills-based (Los Angeles), it provides little in the reports that it has received the unit "by mistake". Apple would have simply made ​​a mistake and would have sent a test pattern instead of a dedicated marketing smartphone. 

    "Apple leaves NOT drag these phones, however it sent me one by mistake when I renewed my subscription," says Kimberlyk1018. As you can see from the pictures, iOS 8 has not been installed on this machine, it is the contrary in developer mode. "Many details of the iPhone 6 clash indeed. Saleswoman explains that the device does not door , back, indications of compliance with FCC regulations. Lightning port (for charging the iPhone 6) is red and not metallic. last but not least, the smartphone is equipped with the iOS operating system 8 nor any version of iOS. 

    An ad removed for violating Terms of Use eBay 

    On several photos posted within the classified ad, you can see the measurement tools in place of the usual applications by default. These tools (GrapeCal, MesaCal, SightGlass, USBHost, ThermalDOE, WiPASmini, Reliability, dtxCallente ...) are used by engineers to diagnose potential bugs and dysfontionnements. 

    The saleswoman, who had promised - lord - to offer shipping internationally if the auction would exceed $ 4 000 will be unable to go through with his bid, launched on October 2. The ad was removed from the eBay listing in the day following a "breach" of the rules of use. Apple probably rife, to protect a real device or put an end to deception.
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