Ben Affleck defends Islam in an American talk show
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck is furious. Invited on the set of an American talk show, the actor did not appreciate the remarks against Islam. 

Ben Affleck had to mix in a heated debate on the American channel HBO. While guest on the show Real Time with Bill Maher as part of promoting his new movie Gone Girl, the actor was stunned by the statements of the host, Bill Maher, but also one of the guests Sam Harris, an expert author of neuroscience and criticizing all religions. 

Ben Affleck outraged 

During the talk show, the latter notably discussed Islam. While Sam Harris explained that the Liberals were afraid to criticize Islam for its view of women and homosexuals, Bill Maher, he said that religion was only "bad ideas." Enough to jump Ben Affleck, who described his comments as "rude" and "racist." 

"What about the more than one billion people who are not fanatics who do not bully women who simply want to go to school?" Asked the actor, very put together, which stressed that Islamic state and the jihadists were not representative of all Muslims.

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