Charlie Sheen accused of sexual assault by a dental assistant
Charlie Sheen
JUSTICE - American actor Charlie Sheen is being sued by a dental assistant for sexual assault. He tried to stab the technician. 

You could hear really talking about Charlie Sheen, but now the business catch up. And also his old demons. The actor was charged with sexual assault, reports the American media. 

The latter, under the influence of crack, allegedly tried to stab a dental assistant while he was being treated in a nasty abscess emergency. 

Two versions are opposed 

The grisly scene, told by the dental assistant, took place last week in Los Angeles. Victim of excruciating pain, the actor went to the dentist and was received by Margarita Palestino, the dental assistant. It installs in the chair and at the time of anesthesia, it would have grabbed her left breast, ripped her blouse and tried to grab her bra. But that's not all, Sheen would have risen from his seat, shouting "I'll kill you," while pulling a knife from his pocket. The dental assistant told police she immediately left the room before the bodyguards of the actor in and found the actor pointing a knife towards the dentist. 

While police conduct their investigation, the events do not take place in the most gentle way to Margarita Palestino. Following her testimony, she was fired by her boss for lying about the history of the knife and most importantly, it has revealed that the actor was a patient of the firm: a strictly confidential information under medical confidentiality. The side of Charlie Sheen's lawyer immediately responded by calling the complaint "ridiculous." "Margarita Palestino is an opportunist who wants his fifteen minutes of fame. With my client, we are confident about the outcome of this absurd case," said Marty Singer, the lawyer for the actor.

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