Ebola: Thomas Duncan, the patient from Texas, is in a very serious condition

Ebola: Thomas Duncan, the patient from Texas, is in a very serious condition
    Ebola: Thomas Duncan, the patient from Texas, is in a very serious condition
    Thomas Duncan
    Liberia's first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States, is in a very serious condition, said Saturday the hospital in Dallas, Texas, where it is processed since September 28. 

    "Thomas Eric Duncan is in a very serious condition," wrote in a brief press spokesman Hospital Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. 

    His condition is worse compared to Friday when the last newsletter spoke of "serious" condition. The spokesman gave no further details. 

    Those monitored have no symptoms 

    Moreover, the American health authorities said Saturday that all the people who had direct contact with the patient showed no symptoms. 

    "We have identified nine people so far we are sure they have been in contact with the patient, the family members and caregivers," said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) at a press conference. 

    Besides this group revised down from the previous day, "we also identified 46 people we can not rule out with certainty contact with the patient," said he added. 

    But for now, "none of the 45 people on the 46 that have already been examined, nor the nine people most at risk, showed symptoms as Ebola fever," said Dr. Frieden. He added that all these people were closely monitored until the end of the incubation period estimated at 21 days. 

    "In the coming days we will monitor very closely and in particular the nine individuals who have the greatest risk of being infected, since the peak of the incubation period ranges from eight to ten days," has he said 

    Apartment finally decontaminated 

    This monitoring will also be applied to the other 46 people, some of whom were with him in the ambulance on his way to hospital on September 28. Thomas Duncan went once to the hospital on Sept. 26, two days after feeling the first symptoms, but was sent home. 

    All four occupants - a woman and three young boys - Apartment Dallas where the patient lived after his return from Liberia, were transferred Friday night in a gated community, said Clay Lewis Jenkins, a Dallas County judge . They were quarantined under police surveillance until October 19. 

    Dr. Frieden also said that decontamination of the apartment was completed. A specialized company has removed personal effects such as bed sheets in which Thomas Duncan had slept. He acknowledged that the process had taken too long. 

    On Friday, a person with similar symptoms to those of Ebola and recently traveled to Nigeria was hospitalized in the federal capital Washington and quarantine pending the results of blood tests. 

    In addition, NBC News announced Thursday that an American 33 years, Ashoka Mukpo hired as a freelance cameraman in Liberia, had been infected with Ebola and would be repatriated to the United States Monday. 

    The deadliest since the emergence of the virus Ebola outbreak in 1976, has already made 3439 dead and some 7,500 people have been infected in five countries in West Africa, especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, according to a report from WHO ended October 1
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