Former U.S. Marine fighting alongside Kurds in Syria
Jordan Matson has reportedly joined the YPG, a Kurdish military force in Syria, to fight IS, also known as ISIS.

The Wisconsin native posted a photo to Facebook on Sept. 30, dressed in camouflage, a head scarf, and holding a weapon.

In one Facebook post, Matson wrote that he was injured in a six hour firefight after being struck by a mortar, "but i am fine now." He suggests that he is among other Americans fighting IS when he asks, "Please keep me and the other americans and kurdish fighters in your prayers."

The Dicle News Agency reported that Matson has been fighting alongside YPG for one week and has been monitoring a border area near Iraq. Although he has encountered some language difficulties, DIHA noted "he is happy that he has gained acceptance so quickly in the YPG" and doesn't plan to leave until IS is defeated.

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