HMS Defender Joins US Fight With Islamic State

HMS Defender Joins US Fight With Islamic State
    HMS Defender Joins US Fight With Islamic State
    HMS Defender 
    The commander of HMS Defender says the ship will provide a defensive shield for the American aircraft carrier USS George H W Bush.

    One of the Royal Navy's most advanced warships is supporting US forces as they launch airstrikes against Islamic State militants.

    HMS Defender is using its hi-tech air defence weapons to protect US Navy aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush and her aircraft as they carry out bombing missions against IS targets, the Ministry of Defence said.

    The Portsmouth-based Type 45 destroyer is using its air defence radar and Sea Viper missile system as part of an "umbrella" of support for the Nimitz class aircraft carrier and its escort ships as they patrol the Gulf.

    The ship was deployed to the Gulf in June 2014, tasked with conducting maritime security operations throughout the Middle East and as far south as the coast of Somalia, where pirates have caused chaos with hijackings and kidnappings.

    It is now operating with the US navy's Arleigh-Burke class destroyers USS Truxton and USS Roosevelt and the Ticonderoga class destroyer USS Philippine Sea to provide support for the USS George HW Bush.
    Engaged in round-the-clock operations, HMS Defender's task is to build an accurate air surveillance picture over the whole of the Gulf in order to guard the US aircraft carrier against possible air attack.

    Royal Navy Commander Phil Nash, Defender's commanding officer, said: "As an air defence destroyer, HMS Defender was built for exactly the sort of tasking that we are conducting in support of the USS George HW Bush.

    "Since we arrived in the Gulf in June, we have been engaged in exercises with navies from around the world to test our air defence capabilities and I am delighted that my ship's company now have an opportunity to put into practice the training they have received over the past few months.
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