I did not know what to say to Thomas, admitted Djokovic, Berdych when destroyed

I did not know what to say to Thomas, admitted Djokovic, Berdych when destroyed
    He had a match in which according to his words gave the best performance of all the finals in his career. Yet tennis player Novak Djokovic was after win over Tomas Berdych quite nicely. "I did not know what to tell him," he said after the match that nearly ended by two "canaries". Finally, Djokovic won 6 0, 6: 2nd 
    Stop Serb in Beijing so far failed to none. In 24 matches unbeaten even once. He won five titles.
    But Tomas Berdych in Sunday's finale particularly "smlsnul". 
    Bohemia admiringly said that throughout a career for more than 600 matches never seen anyone play like Djokovic. "It's really flattering to hear something like that from a player who is a stable member of the top ten," said the Serb. 
    After winning at Wimbledon and subsequent marriage with Jelena Rističovou everyone questioned Djokovičovu motivation. She recorded it and tenistova words, who himself admitted that after marriage as the expected birth of a child is no longer his main priority tennis. 
    This does not mean that it neglected. There is still a world leader. Yes, summer tournaments in Toronto and Cincinnati in his power failed. At the U.S. Open, surprisingly fell in the semifinals to eventual winner Cilic. But Beijing has again shone. In two sets, without any problems, handled elite players Dimitrova, Murray and Berdych. 
    Czech tennis player by Baby nearly two "canaries" to the state 0 6 0 5 Berdych won the first game. "After the match I did not know much what to say. It was very pleasant for me to go to the network, "said Djokovic. 
    What, then, finally talked with Berdych? "He said to me: It was amazing. And he smiled. I smiled too, and said to him: Good tournament. It was all I could say after this match, "said Djokovic. 
    At the press conference got out of this issue as well: you are a world leader. You won the tournament five times in Beijing. You had a beautiful wedding. You will be the father? Can life be any better? 
    The answer? "Sun Thanks for reminding me, because sometimes one has to remind me how things in life now based. On the court, outside, I can not ask for more. I'm very grateful. "
    In Beijing really look like a man who lacked the motivation ..
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