Intimate pictures, Philippe Lucas, his daughter Manon: Laure Manaudou said everything in "Seven to Eight"
Laure Manaudou
Intimate pictures, Philippe Lucas, his daughter Manon: Laure Manaudou said everything in "Seven to Eight" 
SECRETS - Laure Manaudou out an autobiography, entitled "Between the Lines" this Thursday, October 9, at Michel Lafon. On this occasion, she confided in issuing Seven to Eight on Sunday on TF1. She mentioned his loves, his workouts, his relationship with Lucas and obscene pictures.
"I never liked to swim" 

Thierry Demaizi√®re face and in his book, Laure Manaudou admit: she has "never enjoyed swimming." "I was going to drive to go with my big brother. Disgusted I was from the beginning," she said. A surprise confession when you know his record if provided. "I swam for the hundredth when I touch the wall. Second, it's not enough for me. I was addicted to the podium," she glides. When she left home at 14 years under the leadership of Philippe Lucas, Laure Manaudou is working hard: get up at 5am, chain lengths and training. Three years later, it is the dedication. She became Olympic champion at the Athens Olympics in 2004. 

In 2007, coup de theater. She decides to leave her coach ever, "on a whim". The break is made by interposed media. Looking back, Laure Manaudou recognizes that "the breakup was terrible because it was on a whim and it did not happen. This book is a love letter to Lucas. Much I miss him. Were n is nothing without each other. I should trust him any longer, "she said, confident after the resounding failure of Beijing, she lived" like a black hole. ""I very badly successive failures. There were 90% negative articles I read them all and I went into a depression. For me, I had done something wrong." 

Peter Julian, Luca, Benjamin, Frederick, Benedict 

About his loves, Laure Manaudou's also mentioned. She said "passionate love." "It goes up and it goes down quickly and soon I would have jumped every time these small peaks. I'm full, I give everything and I give nothing (...) I've had relationships like everyone else, but I think the fact that they publicized it a lot, "joked the former swimmer. 

Finally, she retracted her very intimate photos that were leaked on the Internet at the time. Seven years later, she says take it "with a smile": "When you are 20, it's hard to take it all You do not realize that the person with whom we are at that time. will not be the man in your life. I was trying to leave. ""When we sent them to me, it does me nothing. I'm just afraid that my daughter the way," she admits. Her daughter just the little Manon does not like swimming. "I do not want to make that swim. If it does not go fast, it will be a disaster with a mother, an uncle and a father Olympic champions. Do not force it," joked Manaudou, with many wisdom.

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