iPhone 6 can be larger pockets

iPhone 6 can be larger pockets
    iPhone 6 can be larger pockets
    iPhone 6
    The launch of the iPhone 6 brings a fashionable accompaniment with it. The large dimensions that make specially the iPhone 6 Plus a Parade phablet, manufacturer of pants can now rethink. In the USA, the pockets are enlarged for different models. 

    "Your pants are not happy about the new iPhone 6 Plus." This slogan is have the five American denim producer American Eagle, Levi's, LL Taken Bean, J.Crew's and Lee jeans to heart and react accordingly. They fit the pockets of their pants on the phablet trend. 

    The official sale of iPhones in Austria starts on 26 September. Apple broke with the new smartphones too radically with the previous designs. The new iPhones are 6.9 and 7.1 millimeters thinner than the previous iPhone 5s, the processor is a quarter work faster and keep the battery much longer. (Photo: Heute.at) 
    Next Gone are the days when you could push a Nokia 3310 or similar compact devices easily in the pocket. The current models of Apple and Samsung require bulky bags. 

    A spokesman for American Eagle letting them know that their models men's collection already own iPhone 6 Plus summary bags. 

    The word phablet consists of the two terms Phone and Tablet and describes mobile devices which are a link between your phone and tablet computer by its size. 

    However, doctors see this trend more than critical: Cell phones in pants pockets are according to studies, a risk for potency and Pregnant!
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