Lindsay Lohan's West End Debut: The Verdict

Lindsay Lohan's West End Debut: The Verdict
    Lindsay Lohan's West End Debut: The Verdict
    Lindsay Lohan
    The star, who has publicly struggled with drugs and alcohol in her past, receives mixed reviews after her much-anticipated debut.

    American actress Lindsay Lohan has made her professional stage debut in London's West End to mixed reviews. The 28-year-old actress turned up early to greet her fans ahead of the official opening night of Speed-The-Plow - David Mamet's scathing satire of Hollywood - at the Playhouse theatre.

    The story centres on two self-professed movie business "whores" who are involved in a deal they know is going to make them rich - but then temporary secretary Karen, played by Lohan, turns their lives upside down. A few of her lines brought knowing laughs from the audience, including: "I know what it is to be bad, I've been bad."

    Her casting caused controversy because of her record of alcohol abuse and drink-driving convictions.

    Despite having a string of Hollywood hits to her name, the reviews of Lohan's performance were mixed - with some audience members describing it as "fantastic", while some critics were unimpressed.

    After an offstage voice prompted her with a line near the start of the second act of the 85-minute show, she overcame a breathless delivery and by the end seemed at ease.

    By the closing curtain Lohan had proved she could hold her own with top-notch actors Richard Schiff, best known as Toby Ziegler from The West Wing, and Nigel Lindsay, who had the title role in the West End staging of Shrek The Musical.

    After the show, Lohan smiled and popped a bottle of fake champagne, showering the audience in the front row with glitter.

    Theatre critic Mark Shenton said: "Yes, a little bit of a debacle. She went up on one line in the second act which is not the biggest deal, but she's kind of an embarrassment compared to the two very professional actors with her.

    "We're talking about the wrong Lindsay, really. Nigel Lindsay is fantastic. Lindsay Lohan is kind of appalling."

    But other members of the audience gave a different opinion.

    "I thought she was amazing," said one fan after the show.

    Another said: "I was waiting for her to slip up but she didn't. Someone prompted her half way through but I think it was totally unnecessary and she didn't need it."

    Lohan first found fame as a child star in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

    The former Disney star has been under probation several times since 2007 and her court troubles, which included drink-driving charges, have overshadowed her once-promising career.
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