Luke Evans Gives Dracula A Revamp In New Film

Luke Evans Gives Dracula A Revamp In New Film
    Luke Evans Gives Dracula A Revamp In New Film
    Luke Evans
    The actor says he was reluctant at first to make a movie about the vampire but found the story for Dracula Untold "refreshing".

    Fantasy and history are combined in the latest story of legendary vampire Dracula to hit the big screen.

    Dracula Untold is Irish director Gary Shore's feature film debut and, based on Bram Stoker's novel, looks at the origin of Dracula and vampire mythology mixed with the history of Transylvanian-born Vlad III.

    Luke Evans plays Vlad, who becomes Dracula, as a misunderstood husband, father and ruler.

    He turns to the dark side to save his family, first from Turkish Sultan, Mehmed II (Dominic Cooper), who is demanding 1,000 boys for his army, including Vlad's son.

    "You are dealing with a historical figure, this man that actually walked the earth in the 15th century," Evans said about taking on the role of Vlad.

    "It's a man who was a leader and also a ruthless warrior, had a very dark past but also was a family man and very much in love with his wife and loved his boy.

    "He was respected by his people and was presiding over a peaceful period in his reign which is all historical. Then came the Ottoman invasion which again was historical.

    "It was quite clever they intertwined historical moments in his life and then merged the vampire story into it."   

    Charles Dance is the creepy sorcerer Caligula who gives Vlad his powers to conquer his nemesis Mehmed II and his army.

    By drinking Caligula's blood he will have the strength of 100 men but an insatiable thirst to drink human blood. This ultimately leads him to embrace his destiny as the mythological vampire Dracula.  

    "My tongue is in my cheek a lot of the time," Dance revealed about playing the villain, something he has done several times now in his career - most recently in Game Of Thrones.
    "In this business if you are seen to be doing something well the odds are you'll be asked to do it again. As long as you vary it, I hope none of my villains are carbon copies of what's gone before.

    "That is what I tend to get asked to do at the moment but there was a time when I was a bit of a romantic leading man!"

    The selling point of this film, a kinder, gentler and more attractive Dracula, has received mixed reviews among critics, with a few comparing the famous vampire to Disney character Maleficent.

    "I didn't want to make another Dracula movie of Bram Stoker's story. I think it has been done brilliantly over many years. It was a refreshing story that I wasn't expecting when I picked up that script," said Evans about Dracula's new look.

    "I think he is more human in this film than he is vampire. You're watching the story of a man having to turn into something, being forced by addiction to turn into something that he doesn't want.

    "It is a tragic story of love, betrayal, heartbreak and sacrifice and all those things that I would want to see from a story about such a hero who is sort of an anti-hero."
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