Maria B. Collection Of Winter - Latest Pakistan Fashion
Maria B
Maria B Designs is the brand most famous and most popular in Pakistan. They are also one of the largest providers manufecturers and fashion apparel for women in the United States and Europe.

The brand of designer Maria B. , which includes graduates from Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD). After graduation, Maria B. launched her fashion label in 1999.

Because of their brilliant work and impressive, their designs are to be loved by women around the world the pride of the great fashion designer.

Maria B. responsible for Casuals, grass, evening, wear Western clothes, wedding door and all kinds of fashion accessories, and fashion jewelry. Its line of cotton covers essentially pure cotton, khaddar, lawn, embroidered clothing and cottons. Her line offers cotton clothes ready to wear fashionable and affordable prices. While Maria B. The line includes semi formal evening wear, a little more formal covers and Resham, glass and silk chiffon embroidered with fine Georgette. Formally, however, offers a perfect preparation for wedding needs, this line consists of hand silk embroidery and heavy jamahwars crystals and Salma DAPKA (Eastern traditional embroidery).

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