Nicole Eggert (Baywatch) converted into a seller of ice

Nicole Eggert (Baywatch) converted into a seller of ice
    Nicole Eggert (Baywatch) converted into a seller of ice
    Nicole Eggert
    CAREER - After his botched performance in 'Splash', former colleague Pamela Anderson seems to have abandoned any attempt to return to the small screen. Now she travels to Los Angeles aboard his food truck. 

    On small screen, she was no longer recipe. Nicole Eggert has decided to convert back to itinerant saleswoman ice. A business that will surely remind him of the time she ran, molded in his red swimsuit on the beach of 'Baywatch'. In fact, between 1992 and 1994, Nicole Eggert embodied bomb Summer Quinn, a colleague of Casey aka Pamela Anderson. Since it was a bit calm. 

    Went through a stage of obesity, this mother of two decided last year to take things in hand. To revive her career, she has participated in 'Splash', the contest between dives celebrities. Alas, the leap ended with a plate on the back that forced her to retire. 

    Driving a food truck 

    At 42, Nicole Eggert therefore looking for a new job. This job was all the more important that, according to the American tabloids, the former actress was on the brink of ruin. Apparently, she still found the funds to buy a green water truck on which she now travels the streets of Los Angeles to sell ice cream. Nicole Eggert announced her own conversion via Twitter where she posted pictures of his new food truck. In fact using the social network to indicate the addresses where it stops. Notice to fans of the 1990s that would be passing through the area.
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