‘Pacific Rim 2′ Filming in Fall 2015; Plans for ‘Pacific Rim 3′ in Place

‘Pacific Rim 2′ Filming in Fall 2015; Plans for ‘Pacific Rim 3′ in Place
    ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Filming in Fall 2015; Plans for ‘Pacific Rim 3′ in Place
    Pacific Rim may have been one of the few original live-action box office hits last year, but the film did gross only $101 million domestically against a nearly $200 million budget. Those aren’t exactly the kinds of numbers that immediately warrant a sequel – but luckily, the film’s cult fanbase and its international success have ensured that director/co-writer Guillermo del Toro’s giant-monsters-versus-giant robots will live again.

    Legendary Pictures has already announced a 2017 release for the sequel as well as an animated series. Thus far, details on Pacific Rim 2 have remained scarce, though del Toro has already said that the film will tell a very different story from its predecessor – one that will somehow involve delving deeper into the alien homeworld of the Kaiju.

    Now, speaking with Collider, del Toro has revealed that he and co-writer Zak Penn are still working on the Pacific Rim 2 script, with filming planned to begin November/December of next year. Furthermore, del Toro has once again teased what fans can expect from the movie. Here’s what he had to say:

    It’s long been speculated that stars Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi would likely be among the actors returning from the first film, with some of its choice supporting players onboard as well (Perlman perhaps?). However, this is the first time del Toro has hinted that Pacific Rim 2 will feature a cliffhanger leading directly into a proposed third film.

    While it’s not surprising that del Toro is envisioning a long-term future for Pacific Rim, the director has a complicated history with sequels. He reportedly turned down Blade: Trinity (after directing Blade II) to bring Hellboy to the big screen, and while the latter film spawned a sequel (at a different studio, no less), it also left the door open for an epic conclusion in Hellboy 3, which fans and star Ron Perlman are still anxiously awaiting years later.

    There’s always the chance this unfortunate scenario could play out again with the Pacific Rim franchise. Still, given the broader international appeal of the giant monster movie (especially with the recent success of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot), it’s more likely that Pacific Rim 2 will build on its predecessor’s modest success domestically.

    The question remains: how do you hope to see a proposed Pacific Rim trilogy play out, Screen Ranters? Share your ideas in the comments.
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