Pixie Lott Popped Out Of Giant Vending Machine , Sang For Shoppers in London
Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott is all smiles after serenading a crowd of shoppers in Kingston, London, England earlier this week.

The 23-year-old British beauty was just one of hundreds of free spontaneous “thank you” prizes and popped out of a giant purple vending Nectar Thank You Machine, the height of a double decker bus.

The machine, which is big enough to hold over 1,700 bunches of flowers, 5,300 boxes of chocolates or even two fully grown adult elephants – this gigantic 13ft (4m) vending machine became the centre of attention in Kingston’s Ancient Market when it appeared overnight. But for one lucky person it was only Pixie that mattered, as she sang her new single as a personal thank-you to Elena Gurtul from Kingston.

“To see the reaction from the lady who swiped her Nectar card was brilliant, I’m sure they never bargained on me popping out to sing a thank you song for them.,” Pixie shared in a statement. “I certainly never thought I’d be coming out of a vending machine, but that was a lot of fun, if not a little surreal as it’s like a reverse Tardis… really massive on the outside and small on the inside! One thing’s for sure; it’s going to be hard to miss this when it’s touring the country this month.”

Throughout October, during a month long ‘Thanks a Million’ promotion, the machine will start a national tour to surprise and delight other shoppers around the country too.

Watch the reveal below!

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