Romania v Hungary UEFA Euro Live 10/11/2014
Hungary will have their chance to get revenge after the humiliation in Bucharest a few months ago when they lost 3-0 but are they capable to do that? 

I surely don't believe that, not after they lost at home with modest Northern Ireland and not after the Romanians won in Greece having a good morale in this match. 

To be honest that win doesn't matter much for their morale against Hungary because Romania always was motivated against Hungary the rivalry between the countries being known. 

The latest results can confirm Romania thrashing Hungary almost at every occasion, 3-0 win in two of their last four meetings, 1-1 and 0-1 in the other two matches played in Hungary. Even if we look further back Romania won 2-0 two times in 2002 and once in 2000. This shows the Romanians as a nation motivate pretty good against Hungary and besides that they have the better team by far.

All in all the Hungarians should prepare for the worse in Romania against an in form team and 50.000 Romanians supporters who will put an extra pressure on the modest Hungarian team.

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