"Seven Heaven" - Stephen Collins (Eric Camden) recognizes pedophiles REVELATIONS - Stephen Collins, the actor who played the good father in the September series at home, told his former wife that he was a pedophile. This admission was recorded and the band is currently in the hands of the police, TMZ revealed. 

The story is sordid. In 2012, shortly before his divorce with actress Faye Grant, actor Stephen Collins and it was followed by a couples therapist.

 And it was during one of these sessions that Eric Camden interpreter in the September series at home admitted assaulting and molesting young children and underage girls, reports TMZ. Before the session, Stephen Collins spoke of a list and a revelation to his wife. What convinced his ex-wife to go to a therapist. 

What he did not know however, is that his ex-wife had the therapy session and, as California law permits, this soundtrack could be used as evidence against Stephen Collins. On the soundtrack, we hear the actor answer questions from the therapist, specific questions that evoke various sexual assaults against young women, including a minor relative of his first wife, then aged 11 years. 

"I took the hand of this girl and I put it on my penis" 

Stephen Collins says he "took the hand of this girl and I put it on my penis." And this happened several times when she was between 11 and 13 years. His ex-wife asks him if he "had an erection following this gesture.

" The latter then recognizes "partially". Then he mentions two other youths aged a dozen years Girls: living in New York and one in Los Angeles. Regarding the girl from Los Angeles, Stephen Collins confesses that he tried to apologize to his victim years later. 

For now, the actor is under investigation by police in New York for "inappropriate sexual contact with minors.

" There are "at least three victims" listed. The New York premiere of Collins victim, a relative of his first wife had reported sexual assault in 2012 and the actor could be prosecuted because the statute of limitations applies, according to TMZ, the date of the statement. Contacted by the site information officer Stephen Collins declined to comment on the case.

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