South Africa: Thousands of demonstrators denouncing poaching

South Africa: Thousands of demonstrators denouncing poaching
    South Africa: Thousands of demonstrators denouncing poaching
    Thousands of South Africans took to the streets on Saturday to demand urgent action against poaching of elephants and rhinos in Africa, in rapid decline, noted journalists of. 

    "We denounce the politicians who in the world do not have the courage and political will to change their laws," he told AFP one of the organizers of the movement, Dex Kotze. 

    The protesters marched in seventeen cities of South Africa, a country where rhino poaching especially slaughtered for their horn, is particularly important. 

    Horn, powdered, is used in traditional Asian medicine, including Vietnam and China. It is sold by weight and is worth about the same price as gold in the retail market, according to experts. 

    Dex Kotze said that the demonstrations specifically targeted a group of 19 countries (including China, Kenya and Angola), pinned by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora threatened with extinction ) for failing to take sufficient action to combat trafficking in ivory. 

    "These countries have to change their laws," insisted Dex Kotze. 

    South Africa is home to around 20,000 rhinos, or 80% of the world population, but this year the slaughter intensifies after year, with more than 700 rhinos already killed in 2014. 

    The South African justice for his part starts to have a very heavy hand. A poacher was sentenced in July to 77 years in prison. 

    More than 35,000 elephants are also killed annually in Africa for their tusks. 

    There are only 400,000 elephants in Africa, according Dex Kotze, who said that about 9% of them are killed every year. 

    If China does not close its 37 processing plants in ivory, "we will lose all the elephants," he warns. 

    The events, organized by a group of activists, NGOs and private sponsors, were also held in several cities around the world, including San Francisco and Tokyo.
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