Stolen nude photos: Nick Hogan, male first victim of hackers
Nick Hogan
Stolen nude photos: Nick Hogan, male first victim of hackers 
CELEBGATE - Snapshots revealing the intimacy of the American reality TV star and son of famous wrestler Hulk Hogan has been published. Like other celebrities involved, the images have been pirated since iCloud account. 

Cara Delevingne after Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence, it was the turn of a man being shot by Hollywood or the crazy hackers, publishing since early September very intimate stolen photos of the stars. Nick Hogan has become the first male victim of this celebgate. Aged 24, he is best known in the United States as the son of Hulk Hogan, the most famous in the world, sacred fourteen times world champion American wrestler. Nick Hogan was also noted for his participation in the reality show 'Hogan Knows Best' dedicated to his father. 

Underage girls 

According to American website TMZ, the pictures show Nick Hogan released along with various girlfriends in various sexual positions. On others, it is only bare. The images come from, as in previous cases of piracy of its iCloud account. But he has denied possessing such photos on their behalf. He also told TMZ that the hackers were playing with fire because some girls were minors at the time of the facts and their distribution was under child pornography. He admitted, however, have kept these images like all records or photographs relating to his life. Finally, he said that the visible penis on one of the shots was not his!

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