The Walking Dead premieres fifth season turned into a television franchise

The Walking Dead premieres fifth season turned into a television franchise
    The Walking Dead premieres fifth season turned into a television franchise
    If the fourth season of The Walking Dead left the outcome of the future of the players suspended, the fifth cycle of fiction comes with more certainty than ever. This is because five days before its release in the United States, the cable network that transmits in that country had already announced extending the program for another season. 
    The newly announced cycle, which will become the sixth season of the series focused on a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies, you are also accompanied by a spinoff: a new series with a parallel story within the realm of fiction , whose pilot is already being prepared by the creator of the comics in the original production, Robert Kirkman is based. Thus, the program is already established as a franchise. 
    "There are many corners of the universe of The walking dead who remain in the shadows and the fact that we are given the opportunity to explore them is very exciting," he said in an interview, Kirkman about the new series. 
    Although the announcement took over two years to materialize, matches the best fiction. The end of the fourth cycle reached an audience of 15.7 million viewers, surpassing the record he had obtained with the same episode last season (12.4 million). 
    For as the deaths of the characters are on the rise with each new release, so does the level of audience and advertising investment. The walking dead has become the most expensive program in fiction which avisaje buy time by raising its prices by 27% over 2013 (which already led), according to a study conducted by Variety. 
    This is partly explained by the impact of the program in the most attractive target demographic: people between 18 and 49, where the final episode reached an audience of 10.2 million, besting productions as The Big Bang theory and The voice in that demo. In fact, while the price of advertising in The walking dead continues to rise, the ads for the football broadcasts American-the most watched programs of the year in EE. UU.-, had a decrease from 2013. 
    The new cycle promises to deliver answers on the future of the characters in the first five minutes of the first chapter, and said the current head of the series, Scott M. Gimple. This is because the series decided first by a final tense season without resolution, leaving no immediate exit the group led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who was once caught by the inhabitants of the sanctuary Terminus course. 
    With the possibility that they are cannibals, the critically praised activity within the first episode of the fifth cycle, which debuts today at 22:00 on Fox (Channel 57 VTR), just a day of its release in the United States. The chapter by Gimple, was described as a "film" for its staging, which show the group attempted to escape, through actions that endanger even the most veteran cast members. 
    "This season will define the characters. Because last year we learned that Rick is not a farmer, but a gunman, but what does that mean? "Gimple said in an interview about the limits that are willing to cross the characters to survive the cycle. 
    This season will also seek to adjust back to the original material. "This cycle is being faithful to the novels as never before and in them is a very popular story happens right after the exodus from prison (which was at the beginning of last season). It is possible for us to address that story, "forward Kirkman about what to expect in the next installment.
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