"Top Gear" BBC by a patent that supposedly refers to the Falklands

 "Top Gear" BBC by a patent that supposedly refers to the Falklands
     "Top Gear" BBC by a patent that supposedly refers to the Falklands
    The makers of Top Gear, one of the programs most popular car of the British BBC, reported that they were stoned by residents and veterans Tolhuin while recording a program on Patagonia by a patent that allegedly mocked the Falklands War. 

    The driver Jeremy Clarkson and his team had to abandon their cars and fled to Chile after being stoned because neighbors saw the patent Porsche Clarkson, "H982FLK", a reference to the year of the war (1982) and the English name of the islands, "Falklands". 

    Those responsible for the program, who bought in the UK three cars - a Porsche, a Ford Mustang and Lotus esprit that has been denied a provocation and said that was a coincidence. 

    "The production team of Top Gear bought three cars for a program, suggest that the car was chosen for its registration, or that the original registration was replaced by another, is completely false," he said in a statement Andy Wilman, executive producer Top Gear. 

    Clarkson was planning to record chapter of Top Gear drive from Bariloche to Tierra del Fuego. According to the AP news agency, a group of veterans protested outside the hotel where the team was staying BBC. 

    Upon learning of the patent controversy, the mayors of Rio Grande and Tolhuin in Tierra del Fuego, decreed Clarkson and his team "persona non grata" for "offending" the "war dead soldiers and indirectly their country also lost their lives in that conflict. "

    The problems were growing along the route and in Tolhuin were met with a hail of stones. A technician ended with minor injuries but refused to be treated, according to the site ResumenPolicial.com. 

    Then the British team abandoned cars to roadside access to Cabo San Pablo, located 30 kilometers from the town, and took refuge in Chile. 

    "We leave, we do not want more problems. Préndanles If you want fire, but let's get out of here," was the desperate plea for members to show the police escorting as Police Summary.
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