Today is a beautiful day for Edward, Bella and Jacob fans since two years after the last film in the saga, "Twilight" is back! Now we can find the Cullen family, our favorite vampires, but werewolves sexy strip wolf and Bella's family. But it will be a somewhat original way ... 

    Indeed, Lions Gate Studios will partner with ... Facebook (!) To fund five short films based on the characters of the books by Stephenie Meyer. According to the American newspaper, the New York Times, following a competition, five directors have the responsibility under the title "The Storytellers - new creative voices of the Twilight Saga" films. This project is supported by Women In Film, an organization that fights against the under-representation of women in film. 

    They will of course be assisted by the author of the books of the saga, Stephenie Meyer, by actresses like Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer and Julie Bowen. But also by the director of the first "Twilight", Catherine Hardwicke, by producer Cathy Schulman and co-director of "Frozen", Jennifer Lee. As the canonissime Kristen Stewart who played the sweet Bella in the four strands of the saga. 

    However, no player past films appear in these short films that can be discovered only in one year. Kristen is just as a help, Taylor Lautner will not be part and Robert Pattinson will be totally absent from this project. Perhaps he too busy cooing with his new official girlfriend ... 

    And that's not all! Michael Burns, vice chairman of Lions Gate hinted at the New York Times that this could lead to a film. "We think Facebook is a good way to introduce 'Twilight' to a different audience while reviving energy already existing fans this is only the beginning -. A model if you want you can probably guess what might happen. thereafter, "said he said mysteriously. Cool
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