Watch Isi Life Mein full movie (2010) - Hindi Movie Online

Watch Isi Life Mein full movie (2010) - Hindi Movie Online
    Watch Isi Life Mein full movie (2010) - Hindi Movie Online
    Isi Life Mein (English: In This Life) is a 2010 Bollywood film directed by Vidhi Kasliwal and starring Akshay Oberoi alongside Sandeepa Dhar in both their debut film. 

    It was released on December 24, 2010. The movie's storyline is a play, The Taming of the Shrew - Reborn, with "Reborn" added to underscore that the original play was modified to remove alleged misogyny.

    This film was a moderate success at the box office and also earned Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut nomination for Sandeepa Dhar.

    The story begins in Ajmer, in the state of Rajasthan, where Rajnandini Khandelwal (Sandeepa Dhar) passes her 12th class examination and is the state-topper, winning three scholarships. Everyone is happy, but in keeping with her father's conservative tastes, he and her mother want Rajnandini to get married. However, Rajnandini wants to study further, desires that her mother supports, and so her mother tricks the father to send her to Bombay to a relative's house in Bombay, ostensibly to learn the culinary arts, as preparation for her marriage; however, secretly, the mother enrolled her in a college, and instead of staying with her aunt, as had been agreed with the father, arrangements have been made by the mother and her sister (aunt) to put her up in a hostel.

    At the college, the principal instructs her that she must join one of the various non-curricular societies, and so she volunteers for the College's Dramatics Society (DS), headed by Vivaan (Akshay Oberoi). When she introduces herself as Rajnandini Khandelwal, the others mock her name as being "long" and Vivaan abbreviates her name to "RJ."

    The DS under Vivaan chooses to participate in a National Theatre Festival, and Vivaan chooses William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew; however when a member of the DS objects that the play is "MCP," Vivaan declares that he will modify it to remove the misogyny, and that the play would be known as The Taming of the Shrew - Reborn.

    Vivaan & RJ become good friends and love was in the air. RJ helps Vivaan to overcome his hostility towards his demanding father and come to a compromise about his (Vivaan's) future career possibilities.

    But on her birthday, Rajnandani and her friends including Vivaan goes to her aunt's house, where, surprisingly her dad opened the door. He is enraged with RJ that she was out partying with her friends and had modernized her dress and demeanour, and takes her back to Ajmer where her marriage was being fixed with the son of an old business associate, Nareshchandra.

    The heart-broken Vivaan decides to go to Ajmer with the entire DS, reaching RJ's home during the preparations for her engagement ceremony.

    On being confronted for the real reason for his presence by RJ's hostile father, Vivaan confesses that his play cannot work without RJ and that he wants her to resume her leading part, even if only for the final play. RJ's father angrily rejects the request and denounces Vivaan and his friends as having no regards or respect for traditions.

    However, as the day goes by, RJ's father is under increasing stress due to Nareshchandra's escalating financial demands, and comes to appreciate Vivaan and his friends for their help in meeting these exactations, coming to the realization that "one's own exploit and abuse while strangers aid and succor," so that, as RJ and the groom are to exchange vows, her father forbids her, breaks of the marriage with Nareshchandra's son, and, changing tack, decides to allow RJ to resume her part in the play's production.

    The play wins the 1st prize and everyone in RJ's and Vivaan's families are extremely happy; Vivaan and RJ get engaged, and RJ is sent to New York to develop her natural passion for choreography after which it is planned that they will get married. The story ends with the last scene when everyone comes to the airport to drop RJ.

    Akshay Oberoi as Vivaan (VJ ROXX)
    Sandeepa Dhar as Rajnandini (RJ)
    Mohnish Behl as Ravimohan
    Prachi Shah as Pratibha
    Shagufta Ali as Maa'sa
    Aditya Raj Kapoor as Prashant

    Watch Isi Life Mein full movie (2010) - Hindi Movie Online
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