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Jason and the Argonauts, (also known as Jason and the Golden Fleece) is a 2000 TV movie, directed by Nick Willing and produced by Hallmark Entertainment. It is very loosely based on the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts.

The film opens as soldiers invade the city of Iolcus. King Aeson's (Ciarán Hinds) brother Pelias (Dennis Hopper) is leading the charge. Inside the temple he goes to embrace his brother but produces a dagger and kills him during the embrace. This is witnessed by his wife Polymele (Diana Kent) and his son Jason (Jason London). He intends to do the same to Jason but one of the guards rescues him and takes him out of the palace through a secret tunnel.

It is then revealed that this is a memory, experienced as a nightmare by an older Jason, who awakes. He is then ordered by his uncle to retrieve the golden fleece.

He recruits a crew from the simple folk of Iolcus, including shepherds and farmers. He is joined by Hercules (Brian Thompson), Orpheus (Adrian Lester), Atalanta (Olga Sosnovska) and the brothers Castor and Pollux. Acastus stows away on the ship. The Argonauts run aground on a strange island in the middle of the ocean that is actually the sea god Poseidon. In the ensuing storm, they lose the map. The crew make their way to the Isle of Lemnos, an island of warrior women, to recover from the experience and repair the ship. The men pleasure themselves with the women while their ship is repaired (except Orpheus and Atalanta) and Jason sleeps with the queen Hypsipyle. Atalanta discovers that the women have killed all the men on the island and are planning to sacrifice the crew. She warns Jason, and the Argonauts flee the island.

The crew become rebellious and Jason has Zetes, a young man with brilliant vision, see the stars and find their route to Tabletop Island, where they find Phineus. They are attacked by the Harpies - the winged monsters that torment Phineus - and kill them. In return, Phineus tells them the Golden Fleece is in Colchis. Meanwhile, on Colchis, the princess Medea has visions of the crew and her brother Aspyrtes goes out to find them. Jason finds the ship wrecked and rescues Aspyrtes. They approach the "Dark Rocks" and send a dove through before sailing through themselves.
Jason London as Jason
Frank Langella as King Aeëtes
Natasha Henstridge as Hypsipyle
Derek Jacobi as Phineus
Olivia Williams as Hera
Angus Macfadyen as Zeus
Dennis Hopper as Pelias
Jolene Blalock as Medea
James Callis as Aspyrtes
Brian Thompson as Hercules
Adrian Lester as Orpheus
Ciarán Hinds as King Aeson
Diana Kent as Polymele
David Calder as Argos
Mark Lewis Jones as Mopsus
Hugh Quarshie as Chiron (the Centaur)
Olga Sosnovska as Atalanta
Kieran O'Brien as Actor
Tom Harper as Acastus
Omid Djalili as Castor
John Sharian as Pollux
Rhys Miles Thomas as Zetes
Mark Folan Deasy as Iphicles
Elliot Levey as Canthus
Xavier Anderson as Phanos
Charles Cartmell as Laertes
Dodger Phillips as Tiphys
Peter Gevisser as Budes
Norman Roberts as Echion
Greg Hicks as Priest
Adam Cooper as Eros
Mickey Churchill (as Micky Churchill) as Boy Jason
John Bennett as Idas
Andrew Tansey as Aeëtes' 1st General
Richard Bonehill as Aeëtes' 2nd General
Freda Dowie as Hera as Old Peasant Woman
Zeta Graff as Hypsipyle's 1st General
Zoë Eeles (as Zoe Eeles) as Actor's Lemnite Girl
Alit Kreiz as High Priestess
Andrew Scarborough as Aeson's Soldier
Alan Stocks as Pelias' Bodyguard
Suzanne Harbison as Mopsus' Lemnite Girl
Freya Archard (uncredited) as Zetes' Lemnite Girl
Joseph Gatt (uncredited) as Atlas
Mike Savva (uncredited) as Pelias' Bodyguard

watch Jason And The Argonauts 2000 Full Movie online

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