Basic Instinct movie - Paul Verhoeven, starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas
Basic Instinct movie
The policeman Nick Curran has to solve a rather unusual serial murders: repeatedly bodies are found by men who were apparently killed by a woman during lovemaking. Soon the suspicion of the author Catherine Tramell falls ...

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The once successful rock singer Johnny Boz is found dead at his home in San Francisco. With a white silk scarf tied to the bed, the victim was executed during sex with a downright Icepick. Quick is the girlfriend of the murdered man, the beautiful and wealthy writer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), the focus of the police investigation. She had months previously published a book in which their fictional character - a former rock star - is murdered with an Icepick.

Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is intrigued by the mysterious and icy blond beauty, as women are not averse men and apparently knows every detail of his past. Curran embarks on an affair with Tramell and learns that in the next book of the writer, a police officer will bless the temporal ...

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